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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day 807

Hey Everyone! :-)

Agent Thoth discusses more of the trials and tribulations associated with living with hominids. Incidentally, if you've missed Agent Thoth's earlier entries, you can find them here: Thoth's Journal

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Eight-Hundred-Seven:
The local weather patterns have been tempestuous, of late, which has negatively impacted the behavior patterns of both the juvenile felid and the canid. Whenever an atmospheric low-pressure system moves into the area and results in sufficient atmospheric friction to generate electrostatic discharges and their auditory accompaniment, the two annoying beasts seem to lose their wits and engage in the most bizarre activities.

The canid often vocalizes in response to the audible portion of the storms, until the noise reaches an arbitrary level perceivable only to him and he changes tactics to instead hide beneath the horizontal platform my hominid-servant has placed in the food preparation room. My young companion, on the other paw, races from transparent portal to transparent portal in what can only be a futile attempt to monitor the rate of H20 droplets falling from the clouds from all possible vantage points. I have attempted to explain that there are instruments we can set up to record such data from all the portals simultaneously, if he is so interested in studying this natural phenomenon, but thus far my entreaties to reason have fallen on deaf ears.

Oh, my! It seems a storm may be brewing. ;-) You may have noticed that Agent Thoth has a new look. I hope you like his new picture as much as I do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, either way. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. ;-) Happy reading, everyone!

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