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Mistral Dawn is a thirty-something gal who has lived on both coasts of the US but somehow never in the middle. She currently resides in the Southeast US with her kitty cats (please spay or neuter! :-)) where she works as a hospital drudge and attends graduate school. Taken By The Huntsman is her first effort at writing fiction and if it is well received she has ideas for several more novels and short-stories in this series. Please feel free to visit her on FaceBook or drop her a line at mistralkdawn@gmail.com

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Easy Vegetarian Quesadillas #Recipe!

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This is an easy, quick recipe for some delicious vegetarian quesadillas. Enjoy! :-)

1/4 cup canola or vegetable oil
12 corn tortillas (or flour, I just prefer corn)
1 14oz can refried beans
1 14oz can red kidney beans drained and rinsed
2 cups sharp cheddar or pepper jack cheese shredded
1 large tomato diced small
1/2 cup cilantro chopped small
1 onion chopped very fine or grated
4 cloves garlic minced or grated
1 tbsp cumin
2 tsp smoked paprika
1/2 tbsp sriracha (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste

Put all the ingredients except the tortillas and oil in a bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. Put the oil in a frying pan and heat until sizzling. Put half the tortillas (or as many as there are room for in your pan) into the pan and spoon the mixture from the bowl onto each tortilla in equal portions. Put the other half of the tortillas on top of the mixture and press the tortillas together firmly with a spatula. Cook until the bottom tortillas are browned and then flip over to brown the top tortillas. Remove the quesadillas from the pan and serve piping hot as-is or with salsa and/or sour cream to dip.

Buen provechito!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

#Winter #Wonderland Of #Reading #Christmas #Giveaway! $120 #Cash #Grand #Prize! #Free To #Enter!

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There's a new giveaway for Christmas!  Please take a moment to check out the Winter Wonderland of Reading Authors & Bloggers Christmas Giveaway!!  There are lots of awesome books and prizes!! :-)  It's free to enter, there are over 160 prizes, and the grand prize is $120 cash payable through PayPal!! :-)  Now isn't that worth taking a few minutes to check out? ;-)   Here are all the details:

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!  And don't forget to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Mistral Dawn's Musings! :-)

Friday, December 14, 2018

#Announcement: The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD By Eleanor Alspaugh!

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My friend Eleanor Alspaugh is here today to tell us all about her new book, The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD. Eleanor, take it away! :-)

Eleanor Alspaugh/The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD:

Author (and photographer) Eleanor Alspaugh has won two book awards for The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD, but she has been shaking things up and broadening her outreach with the hopes that more readers (men love it too!) will check out and enjoy this book! She recently released a new cover to her eBook that captures the essence of the often­­ ­CRaZy life of a Mom! In addition to a new look, the eBook price has also been reduced 25 percent celebrating this new look! Even better, not long ago, this award-winning book, The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD, was added to the many eBooks available free on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback cover will also be updated in the coming months. In the spirit of giving back, Eleanor is also just one of the many talented authors participating in the Winter Wonderland of Reading Author and Blogger 2018 Christmas Giveaway which offers many prizes to readers as well as a grand prize and is free to enter! You can visit her Facebook or web and blog sites listed below for entry information. Eleanor has also partnered with the Whistlestop Bookshop, a supporter of the book located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where she resides with her husband and family. For a limited time only, with each purchase of The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD from the Whistlestop Bookshop, shoppers will receive a Free #MomLife tote celebrating the fun yet often CrAzY life of a mother! This award-winning book with the fun Tote will make a great gift for Moms, Family & Friends, babysitters, co-workers and others. This offer is also available at their online site located at www.whistlestoppers.com (note: shipping charges will apply). With 5 Star Reviews both professionally and by readers like yourself, you will ‘Enjoy Your Ride’ on The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD!!

Visit or follow Eleanor on this crazy ride at the following:
Website: https://www.photosbyel.com/
Blogsite: https://themgr.blogspot.com/

Information about The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD:

The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD -- Winner of the 2016 Pacific Book Award for Best Parenting – Family Book and the 2016 Readers' Favorite Bronze Medal Winner in the Non-Fiction - Parenting category!

The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD is a heartwarming and humorous book which breaks the Motherhood Code of Silence with A Tell ALL series of essays on Motherhood, Childhood and Everything in between. It brings humor and love together while honestly sharing the often UNSPOKEN yet all too true experiences in raising children and the CrAzY balancing act and understanding heart Motherhood requires! It’s guaranteed to make you laugh and shed a few tears! If a mother, you will definitely realize YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND IT IS ALL NORMAL!! Dads have confessed to loving the book’s family interactions too! The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD leaks secrets from the “Motherhood Code of Silence” that even your own Mother won’t share with you! Prepare to read true confessions from the author’s own childhood and relationship with her Mother as well as the author’s "payback" role as a CrAzY hardworking mother of 3! And just in case you weren’t aware --- be warned of the existence of the Dreaded Parental Curse that may come back to haunt YOU too!! Filled with laughs, heartaches, and the joys of parenthood, you’ll be encouraged to embrace the MOM-Life experience completely with all the phases and craziness you’ll experience from infant to teen and even the fun and help of siblings and extended family! And let’s not forget Dad’s role as there’s plenty of humor when he takes charge!! Don't hesitate a moment longer! Grab a Ring on The MoMmY-Go-RoUnD and prepare for the ride of your life!! Five Star ratings & a 97% Serious Reading rating! Interview with Eleanor Alspaugh available at https://www.SeriousReading.com Book or eBook found on Amazon & on Kindle Unlimited, B&N & select bookshops like the Whistlestop Bookshop!

Excerpt from Chapter 18: Christmas in July

Being a parent has truly taught me the meaning of the expression, “Christmas in July.” It is the time of year that some children, especially mine, begin to write their Christmas lists…oh and one other thing…they begin to whine about how far off Christmas actually is!!

I’m fairly certain that when the summer gets a little boring, and a bit too hot, there’s summer reading out there that outlines the rules that children follow when making a COOL Christmas List. The first rule is to make the list I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-Y LONG! In fact, my daughter likes to make it long enough so that she can be truly despondent that she will NEVER EVER TRULY GET WHAT SHE WANTS (this year that is…) In fact, to hear it from them, they never do get what they REALLY want. (Forget the fact that a mere six months ago, they received the majority of another rather endless list of overpriced items, most of which are now cluttering up my living room, bedrooms, and playroom areas.)

Anyway, it was a hot July evening when my daughter decided to “Cool off” by writing this year’s Christmas list. She completed the list then proceeded to begin the sales pitch by gently “walking me” through her winter wonderland wish list. Not being of the Christmas giving spirit myself that Christmas List Eve, I did my best rendition of Scrooge. This response caused the list to be abandoned on my kitchen island with her modifying title, new and in my opinion, improved, as “The Never Christmas List.”

Christmas Confessions…
Now I ask you, where would my child get this rather annoying, yet comical

habit from? There can be only one answer… The Parental Curse… Used only as a last resort, and I’m sure when my own parents reached their breaking point from what else but...MY CHRISTMAS LIST!!!!

Yes, I confess. I did it. Mine was no ordinary Christmas list…My brothers were witness to this. My list was in fact almost the entire Sears Wish book with basically everything under the sun circled as a “MUST HAVE!” In an “honest” effort to save my parents some money, I skipped a few boy items here and there. In retrospect, I should have crossed off the few things I didn’t want rather than waste all that time circling things!!

Anyway, can I help it if my begging, pleading and dare I admit it?? My WHINING was much more “effective” than my brothers trying to kill each other throughout the rest of the year? Looking back, I’m now sure that my whining was the clincher that drove my poor parents to the ultimate punishment I’m still paying for… the dreaded Parental Curse cast upon their beloved daughter during a brief moment of parental insanity!! By the time I was done with poor Mom and Dad, they were probably in a state of (sticker) shock and asking that age-old Jimmy Stewart question spoken in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Why do we have to have all these kids anyway???”

And so it came to pass. I deserved and became a victim of Parental revenge. A
simple curse that could escalate my children’s innocent act of making a “simple, little Christmas list” into a Whine Fest complete with written documentation… This incredibly powerful Parental Curse designed to punish me for years on end. And me asking the same question my parents most likely asked years before... Whatever became of those “visions of sugarplums” dancing ONLY in the heads of sleeping children!! What is it that then compels the darlings to put the visions down on paper, in list format no less? I think the answer will come out when my children write their rebuttal to this book due out in paperback in the year 2025…

Thursday, December 13, 2018

#APC #Spotlight: In Times Of Violence Young Adult Edition By Karina Kantas!

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I've got Karina Kantas in my APC spotlight, today! Karina is an active, supportive, and one of the founding members of the Authors-Professional Co-op Facebook group and her young adult, coming of age, personal journey, contemporary urban fiction novel, In Times of Violence, looks great! Here's the description:
Jade had been sheltered most of her life. Living in an isolated village with only sex and drugs to entertain. Her mother is an alcoholic and her father doesn't give a damn.
Her only way out is to beg her Aunt to allow her to stay as a guest in their London house.
Jade meets fate head on in the form of Marcus, president of the Tyrants MC. She finally finds a family that loves and respects her and they are not BLOOD. Nothing comes easy to Jade and she is forced to fight to keep her title and status. Then just when life starts to go right, one-night changes everything 

If you think this sounds like something you might enjoy, go ahead and grab your copy here:

Thank you all so much for stopping by! Happy reading! :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day 880

Hey Everyone! :-)

Agent Thoth discusses more of the trials and tribulations associated with living with hominids. Incidentally, if you've missed Agent Thoth's earlier entries, you can find them here: Thoth's Journal

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Eight-Hundred-Eighty:
My hominid-servant spent quite a bit of time today playing with her dead tree. First, she replaced the decorations that the juvenile felid destroyed in his effort to evade her retribution for daring to trespass upon her tree. Then, she added to their number quite substantially, to the point where I wasn't certain the weight wouldn't cause some of the smaller branches to break. The dead tree is now a truly dazzling display of blinking, flashing, glittering temptation.

Once my hominid-servant finished adorning the dead tree to her, apparently arbitrary, satisfaction, she then did something that I found truly interesting. She attached the base that the dead tree is set in to keep it upright to a large tray, which she then filled with liquid H2O. I'm uncertain if this new development is meant as an attempt to nourish the dead tree to delay the rate at which it decays, or if it was done in an effort to prevent my young companion's and my own investigations of the dead tree. Or, perhaps, the hope is that it will serve both purposes.

No matter which of those possible motivations my hominid-servant may have had, I fear her efforts will prove to be futile. The tree is dead; there is nothing that can prevent it from succumbing to the inevitability of entropy, now. The time to take action to preserve it would have been before it was severed from its root system. At best, my hominid-servant's actions may slow the rot. But even that much I am dubious of.

And the liquid H2O will certainly not prove to be an effective barrier to exploration. The only thing it will accomplish is to make a careful approach to the branches impossible, as it will now be necessary to leap over the tray. This will likely result in more damage to my hominid-servant's baubles, and of course more outrage from her, but that consideration will certainly not impede necessary research.

Though, I do think the tray will provide an additional convenient source of H2O for the canid, my youthful compatriot, and myself. I doubt such a possibility entered into my hominid-servant's thought process when she undertook to erect the contraption. But, perhaps, she can take some solace in the fact that it will at least serve some useful function.

Hominids can be rather dense, at times, can't they? ;-) You may have noticed that Agent Thoth has a new look. I hope you like his new picture as much as I do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, either way. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. ;-) Happy reading, everyone!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

History Repeating Itself...

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Today's post is something I wrote back in October, back when a crazed Trump fan mailed a dozen bombs to people Trump had named as his political enemies. Unfortunately, not much has changed in the national rhetoric since then, so I thought I'd share the thoughts I recorded at the time.

"Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" A famous quote attributed to King Henry II of England regarding the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket. The King and Becket had political disagreements regarding the respective rights of the monarch versus the rights of the Catholic Church. Eventually, after quite a bit of political wrangling, the King was said to have uttered the question. Which was interpreted by four of his knights as an order. Those knights set out to capture Becket, and when he resisted they murdered him.

Why am I babbling about something that happened more than 800 years ago? Because human nature doesn't change. The details and the technology might be different, but we've just witnessed a similar tableau. A President who rails against his political opponents and implies that violent action against them would be welcomed by him. And his faithful followers acting accordingly.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Something Worth Watching?

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I'm back today with another video I wanted to share. I agree with the Kyle in that I don't think violence is the best way to achieve political goals, but I still think it's worth considering what regular people in France were able to get their elected leaders to do with this protest. And, as always, since this isn't getting much coverage in the corporately-owned mainstream media, I wanted to do my part in helping to make sure people know what's going on in the world. So, please take a few minutes to watch the video, and then you can draw your own conclusions. Peace!