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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Walrus And A Movie Star?

Hey Everyone!! :-)

It seems Alyce is finally getting some answers and I thought I'd share them with you. Enjoy! ;-)

Excerpt from sci-fi satire novel:
I looked at the wall, and changed to a glowing gray panel. From the panel, eight beams of light emerged, one from each corner and one from the center of each side, and angled themselves to intersect about two feet out from the wall. Where they met, a face appeared, followed by the rest of the head. But not like any head or face I'd ever seen before.

More than anything else, it looked like a cross between a walrus and a praying mantis. It had two long tusks hanging down from its mouth with a dense, bristly mustache hiding their base. Its nose was just two slits above that mustache, but its bright orange eyes were out to the sides with a thick ridge of bone running between them. To cap it all off, the whole face was colored in various shades of pink and rose. I'd never seen anything more ridiculous looking.

"Talk about a face that only a mother could love," I murmured under my breath.

But Squid-boy heard me anyway and responded. "As your people say, 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. Replexal is considered exceptionally attractive for her species; that's how she was chosen to make these recordings. In terms you're familiar with, she's a movie star."

"A movie star?" I looked at the creature again. "Well, I guess everyone's got their own taste." Since I was trying to get past the notion that anyone found the weird-looking alien beautiful, it took me a minute to register the other part of what Squid-boy had said. "Wait a minute," I pointed at the head that was beginning to speak. "That's just a recording?"

As if to confirm my suspicions, the disembodied head continued on as if I hadn't interrupted. Her voice was smooth, of medium pitch, and easy to listen to, sort of like an anchor on the news. "Greetings, sentient. And welcome to the very first Museum of Galactic Oddities. We hope you find your stay here enjoyable. What we've done is reproduce some of the galaxy's most outlandish and bizarre rituals, customs, and policies for your education and entertainment. Please keep in mind that the species who engage in the behaviors replicated here consider them normal and common-place, making them all the more peculiar. Feel free to explore and engage with the interactive exhibits, and never forget the eternal truth: the galaxy is a remarkably strange place." The creature paused and its eyes took on a glowing, iridescent quality that came through even though the hologram. "May you always find peace and happiness on your journeys." With that, the image faded.

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