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Friday, April 21, 2017

#Spotlight: Amstel Girl By Marco Marek

Marco Marek:

Book Title: Amstel Girl
Genre: thriller, romance, suspense

It's a quiet life in the Amsterdam's canals, but Wesley didn't know what to expect, just released from being unfairly locked away at Haan Psychiatric Hospital.
He met Megan right after, a beautiful but quirky girl, with passion for a high-risk life.
Together they will be involved in lots of spy intrigues, adventures, and they begin to flirt with each other, will they fall in love? And will Wes succeed in solving all the troubles these criminals have involved him?

A man, a quirky girl, a stolen drug formula, plus a turbolent love and hate passion between them in the amazing background of the Amsterdam canals

A wicked love and dangerous encounters with criminals of the underworld, that's what Wesley gets just after his exit from the psychiatric hospital...will he be able to get through it and end up on top?

A thriller story mixed with romance, suspense. Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and with trips in Monte Carlo and Astana, Kazakhstan. Wesley will face the underworld of international crime and the femme fatale Megan will help him to contrast this powerful organization.

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Marco Marek was born in Italy. He always had a fervid imagination and a passion for fantasy stories, medieval magicians, ancient history, and unexplained mysteries. While he was visiting a castle in Eastern Europe, he had the idea of writing Hyperearth. Apart from writing, Marco is also a painter and photographer, he likes digital artwork on Photoshop. The cover of Hyperearth is his creation. He loves traveling when he has some free time.

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