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Friday, April 14, 2017

#Peeks And #Teases

Hey Everyone! :-)

I thought I'd brighten your Friday with a little peek inside Intrigue In the Summer Court. But remember, things can get pretty hot in the kingdom of the Summer Fae. ;-)

Excerpt from Intrigue In The Summer Court:
Sneering, he advanced on her, barely leashed power evident in every line of his body. Pulling his tunic over his head, he dropped it on the ground and smiled in satisfaction as her gaze dropped to his well-muscled chest. When she raised her eyes to meet his again, he gave her an evil, mocking grin.

Cassie's mouth went dry when her lover revealed his upper body. Her hands itched to trace every ripple of those pecs and abs, and it was all she could do not to bring their game to a finish too soon. Seeing his teasing expression, she laughed and tried to dodge around him.

Laughing derisively at his prey's ludicrous attempt to elude him, the Huntsman caught the fleeing woman around her waist with one arm and lifted her off of her feet. The other hand he slid between her jeans-clad legs to cup her concealed pussy. He buried his nose in the sweet-smelling curtain of her raven-hued hair, and nuzzled her tresses aside so that he could find her neck. He laid his lengthening fangs against her throat just where it met her shoulder, and bit down lightly. "This is mine," he growled around the mouthful of her flesh, squeezing the hand that held her intimately. "Don't ever try to deny it to me."

Going limp at the feel of his mouth against her skin, Cassie moaned with desire and squirmed against the hand that gripped her between her legs. She knew her mate well enough to know that at his core he was a predator, and spirited prey only intensified his desire. It was the thrill of the chase he loved; the struggle and challenge of the pursuit were what drove his appetite.

Part of her wanted to surrender and agree, but a larger part of her wanted to please the male who had introduced her to these games. Besides, she had finally admitted to herself that she enjoyed them too. Something about resisting his demands and refusing to submit, but knowing he would never harm her, flipped every switch in her being. "'To the bold go the fair,' baby. You'll have to prove your worth," she breathed.

He laughed scornfully as he carried her into the bedroom. "And you believe you're 'fair'?" He dropped her, seated, on the end of the bed, her feet dangling at least a foot above the floor.

"Why don't you tell me?" she asked, a challenge in her eyes as she looked up at him.

Taking both of her hands in one of his, he kept his grip as she tugged lightly against him. Gently pulling her up to her knees on the bed, he held his Anamchara's wrists against the carved post of the bed. The carving's depiction of a chain of leaves gave him inspiration, and he brought the picture to life, binding her to the pillar with a magical garland. Moving his hands to her shoulders, he took hold of her shirt and bra and, with one jerk, ripped them from her body.

Studying the expanse of creamy flesh that had been revealed, he reached out with one hand and lightly trailed a finger from her shoulder and over the mound of one breast to circle her nipple. The sensitive bud drew up and tightened with his gentle exploration and he mumbled, "Oh yes. Stunning."

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