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Friday, July 22, 2016

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another...

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Happy Friday!! I hope you've had a great week and that you have a lot of fun planned for the weekend. :-)  Since it's Friday and I'm feeling lazy, I thought I'd just share a peek at someone who's about to be forced to be more active than she'd like...

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
Opening her eyes, Petri looked around and realized her rapist was nowhere to be found, but the strange people were back. They often seemed to visit her dreams when she was at her lowest. As a whole, they seemed to exist as an intertwining fog of rainbows, impossible to separate out from one another. But some of them, two or three, stood out as distinct personalities.

It was these who reached out to Petri. She still couldn't hear their whispers, but as she got older, they seemed to get closer. She thought that maybe, one day, she would be able to communicate with them. Still, she could tell they wanted to help her. Several times a wisp of fog seemed to drift near and offer itself to her. When she breathed it in, a warm, happy feeling suffused her.

Being with the dream people was like snuggling into one of Chessie's hugs, only it went deeper and lasted longer. Petri had never known contentment in the waking world like what she found in these dreams. It made her want to stay forever.

The rainbows swirled around her, enveloping her in their embrace, as the voices whispered soothing sounds in her ears. After a while, she found she didn't have to passively accept the warmth from the cloud, she could pull it into herself as she wanted it. The whispers seemed to approve.

It felt amazing to fill herself with the golden warmth, and murmurs of support continued to build. Finally, she could absorb no more of the wonderful feeling. Petri felt as if she must be glowing from within, and yet the surfeit she had been given didn't feel heavy. In fact, she felt lighter than ever.

When it was clear she would take no more, the rainbow fog thinned and swirled away. The voices that spoke seemed to be urging her toward some action, but she couldn't hear them. They pushed her away, forcing her to return to where she had been. But she didn't want to go. She clung to them with all the strength she could summon, but their gentle pressure was inexorable.

Just before they disappeared altogether, she thought she could hear the voices coalesce into words. "Wake up," they seemed to sigh. "Wake up, Petri."

"Petri! Wake up!"

Uh oh! I hope it's nothing too serious.  But knowing Petri, that's not too likely.  If you'd like to find out what happened next, grab a copy of Rainbow Dreams here:

Thank you all so much for stopping in today, and happy reading! :-)

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