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Sunday, July 31, 2016

#Gems Of #Strength #Anthology: Deep In The Valley By Claire Plaisted!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Today, Claire Plaisted is here to tell us about Deep In The Valley, her contribution to the Gems of Strength anthology, which also includes the stories I've already introduced you to, Focal PointThe Road To HappinessA Mother's HeartCombustionVanquish, Undeniable Love, Childish Things, Fox, and Burned Toast.  I'll let Claire, herself, tell you about herself and her story. :-)

Deep in the Valley is about Clarissa who is used as a maid of all sorts by an old crone. The only beauty in the valley is the young woman’s voice which attracts forest creatures, birds and this year a gorgeous young man.

The Crone is a witch, who along with a valley full of witches, suck the souls of the young to keep them beautiful. This wickedness happens once a year at a ceremony they witches hold in the highest mountain cave. Any young man who enters the valley is destined to work in the mines for gems

Can Clarissa be strong enough to help them all escape the clutches of the wicked witches or will they be doomed to drudgery and death once again.

Claire is English born and moved to New Zealand to marry in 1991. Married with three children she lives in Rotorua where she owns her own Publishing Company – Plaisted Publishing House – working with Indie Authors and Indie Businesses supporting them.

Claire Plaisted is an author of various genre, which are available on Amazon. Claire also uses the name Beth Bayley for her Billionaire Series.

Claire fell into writing in 2011/2012 after waiting on Family History Information. This book will be published later this year under the same of Kayleigh Broughton. It is of course a Regency Mystery Romance set in Gloucestershire. The book will be called ‘They Mystery at Crosswick Manor.’


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