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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#Wednesday #WIP!

Hey Everyone!!

It's Wednesday again, so time for some more of Petri's antics.

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
The foursome escaped the Janus wasp hive with much less difficulty than Petri would have predicted. There was only token resistance from the remaining JWs, and Petri wondered where the rest of them were. Hives of less than fifty cult members were unusual. It was only when Sadaka whispered in her ear that Daji had fought off more of the wasps before she and Chessie had arrived that it began to make sense.

Janus wasps weren't known for being reasonable or allowing reality to impinge on their pursuit of their goals, so the fact that the Paka had been able to run them off still disturbed her. Normally, if the wasps thought they were under attack, they killed all the victims they had in custody. If they had thought it was a hive-burning, they should have converged on her and Chessie and taken them to the altar room.

But watching the big Paka fight, she had to admit the JWs had good reason to be scared. When she added in the fact that Daji had already taken the fight to their altar room, she thought it was little wonder that the JWs had chosen discretion as the better part of valor. The cult members had probably decided they weren't ready for their high priest to be the next sacrifice; especially, since it had been clear that sacrificing their remaining victims wouldn't be possible.

The Paka was like a machine, tearing through anyone who stood in his way with a cold ferocity. In some ways, he was much like a guard, except, unlike the mechanicals, he obviously had the capacity to temper his response based on the situation. Petri had never met anyone quite like the alien before, but she looked forward to learning more…assuming she didn't end up having to kill him.

Wow, sounds like she's having mixed feelings.  I wonder what that's all about. ;-)  Thanks for stopping by today, and don't forget to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Mistral Dawn's Musings!

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