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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

#NewRelease #Announcement: #Dark #Lycan By Barbara Chioffi!!

Tara Bentley has experienced much in her life. Losing her father while still in high school, she finds herself faced with a stepfather a year later. When she finally accepts him, rapid developments threaten to unravel her existence.
Attending a dinner with her parents, Tara meets a young man who proves to be a danger.. She awakens in the woods, remembers being with him, but the rest eludes her. Found by a handsome shapeshifter, she is returned to her family..
Jared, her rescuer, begins to court her, and soon, they are in a loving relationship. Revelations come to light, involving her true heritage. These bring joy but also danger to her, as well as to Jared and his family.
Faced with the knowledge that her attacker is still at large, Tara must either decide to embrace her true nature to protect those she loves, or risk losing them.

My Review:
In spite of Tara's early loss, she's a rather sheltered, innocent young woman.  Partly as a result of her inexperience, she makes the decision to trust a man she shouldn't trust and that decision ends badly for her.  Her rescuer, Jared, has to try to help her overcome the trauma of her abduction and accept some secrets about herself that her family has been keeping.
This is not the first of Ms. Chioffi's stories I've read.  As much as I love each story, I'm always amazed that the next one surpasses the last and Dark Lycan is no exception!  Five stars, and I can't wait to read the next installment in her Mystic Hearts series. :-)

Want to read it for yourself?  You can find it here:

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