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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

#Charity In The #Underworld

Hey Everyone! :-)

Happy Wednesday!! :-)  I thought I'd share with you another glimpse at Petri's world.  It seems there are those who are even worse off than her...

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
Sighing, she kicked herself again. That had been foolhardy for a number of reasons. First, if any of the other underworlders on the platform saw and suspected she might have more, they would follow her onto the train and try to mug her. Since they had already marked her as a fellow underworlder, they would know she didn't carry any of the fancy personal protection devices an Upworld citizen might bring with them to protect themselves.

Second, she had need of that food herself! It wasn't as if she had a secure food or income source set up. In an hour or two, she'd probably be wishing pretty hard for those wafers. And third, the chances of that little girl getting to eat the damn things before someone stronger took them away from her was slim to none.

Still, she hadn't been able to stop herself. Seeing a child, so much like she had been, who was desperate enough to brave facing the ghouls just for the small chance of getting some rich citizen's pocket change had struck a chord in her heart. Grimacing, she told herself that a dolly had no business even having a heart, never mind being led by it. But in spite of those truths, she couldn't bring herself to regret her impulsive charity.

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