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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#How The #Other #Half #Lives...

Hey Everyone!! :-)

It's Wednesday again, so I thought I'd share with you a peek at how the other half lives. ;-)

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
She moved deeper into the apartment, following where she guessed he had gone. The door led into a well-appointed living room. There were few furnishings, but what was there was well made. Petri could tell just by looking at them that they were expensive. The carpet was soft, with thick pile that cushioned and embraced her stiletto-clad feet.

"Don't wear your shoes on the rug!" snapped Rodney from the room beyond.

Petri quickly returned to the entryway and removed her shoes. Barefoot, she walked through the living room, noting that it contained a fireplace, of all things! And there was a fire burning! On a world like Upworld? She looked closer, trying to figure out what he was burning, but she couldn't tell.

In Under City, fire was a danger to be avoided at all costs. Fire suppression tech was expensive, which made it uncommon in the underworld. Fires could easily consume whole neighborhoods before they burned themselves out. Petri had heard of fireplaces, some of the clients she had entertained had mentioned and described them. But she was afraid to get close to this one. What if the fire escaped?

The mantle over the fireplace was made of a solid piece of stone. The kind of stone was a mystery to Petri, but she was amazed that anyone would go to the trouble of finding stone of any kind to use just for decoration. And that was far from the only way money had been squandered in this apartment.

Now that her shoes were off, Petri realized the carpet was cupping and massaging her feet as she walked across it. A subtle perfume floated up to her nose as well, which was released with each step she took. Various types of tech dotted the room and knick-knacks that were clearly of off-world origin decorated the walls. The whole place just screamed extravagance and waste to her. Once again, she forced herself to bury her feelings.

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