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Friday, August 14, 2015

#Helpful #Tips For #BookBloggers By Victoria Stolte! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Victoria Stolte is here today and she's going to share some awesome blogging tips with us!! :-)  Victoria, it's all yours!

These are just helpful tidbits I have learned along the way and want to share with you.  
WHEN posting a giveaway or anything with a link in your post- IF YOU do NOT have a picture in the post- when people share it.. THEY will only be sharing whatever link is in the post- if it is multiple links it will only share the top link in the post.

Shortening Links
One thing I like to do when sharing links to my Facebook page for books is cleaning it up- What I mean by that is using Bitly.com to shorten the links I am sharing.. Yes it takes a second longer but I think it makes the posts so much cleaner looking. Of course if you are an affiliate anywhere you would be shortening the link pertaining to the book anyways so this does not apply to you. ( https://bitly.com/shorten/)

Book tours, cover reveals, messages ETC. YOU will be inundated with requests on a daily basis. We are only human. Feel free to do whatever you can handle but don't feel as you have to sign up for EVERYTHING that comes through. TRUST ME on this one. DO make sure to reply nicely either way. If you can not sign up or share whatever for whatever reason make something up, Sorry we are currently booked at this time etc.
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Authors are trusting you with their babies. DO NOT SHARE- GIFT= PIRATE, whatever- IT IS ILLEGAL> There are extenuating circumstances where an author might have you gift copies this way, but in light of everything here recently it might just be better to have the authors gift how they seem fit.
did u know

Scheduling posts: I have not really figured out this one on WP yet but did you know you can schedule your FB pages? Hell yeah! This is a handy little tool that can make it easy to schedule a book sale or whatever that you want to share multiple times throughout the week. Just make your post as usual- go to the bottom next to where it says post there is a little arrow click that and it will give you the option to schedule, draft, or back date a post. With this handy dandy tool you can schedule posts weeks in advance if needed.
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Can't find something to share? Are you a member at BookBub.com ? Here is where I like to find stuff to schedule ahead of time. MOST books listed here have a "Until this date" listed with the book plus the links to the retailers it is available at. This is where bitly comes in handy as you can put more than one link into the post and it don't look all funky. Also if you have a FB account you can join different groups where you can always find stuff to share.

These are in no way rules to follow- Just some helpful tips I have learned along the way that I hope will come in handy for someone else... 

These tips brought to you by: 
Victoria Stolte- Author, Blogger, Reader

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