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Thursday, August 13, 2015

#Find Your "#Force"! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Barbara Chioffi is here with us today with a lovely, uplifting message.  Barbara, take it away! :-) 

"May the force be with you." There isn't a person today who doesn't know where those words come from.  The meaning behind them, however, remains ageless. As we move from day to day, filled with immeasurable little annoyances as well as delights, we often wonder how so many small things can add up. Well, that is life and sometimes life can be challenging. But you know what, there are a myriad of small things to brighten your day...a smile, a hug, a favorite book, the sunrise and sunset. So many have forgotten how to find delight and wonder in what surrounds us. We move so quickly through our time that we rarely stop to enjoy what is here for us, the force that exists everywhere. Each one of us has this force....this sense of wonder. Where can you find it?

...a quiet moment to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.
...15 minutes to read a chapter in your current book.
...looking at pictures of beautiful people (yes, handsome men and beautiful women...chuckle)
...sitting on your porch or deck when weather permits, enjoying nature.

This is a choice you make, one that can recharge your energy and give you a fresh outlook. Take time for yourself, if only for a few minutes.

Here are a few inspirations:

The eyes of a beloved pet.

Nature's bounty.

A favored talisman.

Creatures that make us smile.

And finally, one of the most powerful.

Find your 'force' and give your heart a hug.


  1. Awesome post and I totally agree with you - talking on phone with friends is great too....

    1. Thank you for stopping by, K!! :-) I agree, Barbara's post is great! :-) And talking with friends is a wonderful way to decompress. :-)