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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Julie Nicholls #NewRelease #Announcement


      Demon Within On Amazon                                               Angel Within On Amazon

Hey Everyone! :-)

The totally awesome Julie Nicholls will be guest posting today!! Please show her some #love! :-)


If you read Demon Within, first in the Fallen Angels series by Julie Nicholls, then you’re going to love the 2nd book, Angel Within.

It’s full of more plots, twists, secrets and of course, hot steamy sex.

If you pre order Angel Within, you can get it half price, and Julie is giving away 2 $10 gift vouchers on her Facebook author page, so pop over there to ‘like’ her page. www.facebook.com/jnichollsauthor

Want a sneaky peek?

Kai’s body sent a rush of heat over Eloise when he settled close and curled his arm around her swollen belly. Nuzzling the soft, sweet-scented skin, he raked his face across her shoulder with flaring nostrils.
‘You smell so good.’
Aroused from a contented state, Eloise stirred when whispered words fell to her ear. Sighing at his touch, she curled against him and slowly turned her head. Her mouth sought his to lazily kiss him, and unable to resist his attention, her hips ground against his hardening cock.
His arm tightened, drawing her closer.
Although in her sixth month of pregnancy, her condition did not suppress her appetite for passion and Kai could not refuse her demands.
Gentle hands lowered and rested between her legs, before searching fingers slid between sensitive folds to brush gently over her clitoris. Probing fingers slid easily, and her body reacted instantly to his gentle touch. The soft caress of his fingertips awakened every nerve ending with expert precision, bringing her close to release in little time.
As he nudged the tip of his cock to her entrance, she gasped softly.
Husky words barely left Kai’s lips, ‘I need you.’
With a gentle rhythm, he rocked into her heat.
Kai’s lips pampered her flesh as they trailed down her shoulder, encouraging further gasps to escape her lips as her responsive body yielded to his touch. With every slow thrust of his hips, she affirmed her pleasure.
To touch, caress, and make love to Eloise, carried satisfaction beyond reproach.
She groaned loudly, causing Kai to hesitate.
‘Am I hurting you?’
‘No,’ A slender hand touched him, ‘Please, don’t stop.’
With delicate strokes, he gave Eloise what she needed, and quickening his pace, he ground against her with satisfying precision.
‘I love you, Eloise.’
Eloise completed him. Never in his life did he dream he would find anyone who filled the void in his heart. Lustrous chestnut hair appeared silkier, brighter eyes and radiant skin bloomed with each passing day as pregnancy reshaped her body.

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