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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#IndieBooksBeSeen #Monthly #Indie #BookReviews!! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I've got two book reviews for you this month.  The first is Demon Within by Julie Nicholls and the second is Kissing Demons by Jen Winters.  I know, a Demon theme seems to be going on, but they are both very different stories!! :-)

Demon Within by Julie Nicholls, Five Stars:

I just finished Demon Within by Julie Nicholls, and I had to write a review immediately! This was one of the most fun books to read that I've picked up in a while! :-) The story is about Kai, a half-breed whose mother was a human and whose father was a fallen angel, who was sold into slavery at the age of six. After a lifetime of abuse, he escaped and executed his former masters, and created an army dedicated to freeing and protecting former slaves. In order to get the resources he needs to fulfill his purpose, he agrees to wed Eloise, the daughter of a king of a nearby kingdom. Eloise turns out to be much more than Kai ever expected. ;-)

I blew through this story in just a couple of sittings (darn being a responsible adult, anyway!) and was thoroughly enchanted by this story. The dark, gritty world created by Ms. Nicholls was lightened by the sweet romance that developed between two characters who had every reason to distrust the world. The character development was awesome, I was sucked in to worrying about what would happen to these "people," and the romance was HOT! There were some minor editing issues, but the story was so good that it shone through. Her next book will be out in a couple of days and I'm so glad I don't have to wait too long!!

You can find this amazing book on Amazon here:  Demon Within On Amazon

And even more exciting, she's releasing her second book, Angel Within, tomorrow!! :-)  It's available for preorder on Amazon until then.  You can find Angel Within on Amazon here:  Angel Within On Amazon

She's also having a Facebook Page Takeover today (3/18/2015)!!  Please join her there at 3pm EDT. I'll be there! :-)  Julie Nicholls Facebook Party! :-)

Kissing Demons by Jen Winters, Five Stars:

Kissing Demons, by Jen Winters, is one of the sweetest, happiest stories I've read in a long time. You wouldn't think it would be given that the premise is a heroine, Geneva, who is a Guardian charged by God to protect humanity from the supernatural world, and a hero, Alex, who is a half demon (incubus) and half werewolf, but Ms. Winters spins these characters into a truly enchanting tale. The story is full of tender moments, characters working together for the common good, and "people" who truly care about others.

The God in Kissing Demons is a god of love and peace who only wants his children to be happy. It was the most positive take on religion I think I've ever had the privilege to read about. The romance in this story is both hot, and very sweet. Even the villain is deep enough that the reader is led to believe there might be more to his story than is discussed in this book. I can't wait to see what Ms. Winters comes up with next! :-)

You can find this amazing book on Amazon here:  Kissing Demons On Amazon

Thank you everyone for checking out my indie book reviews this month!! And please remember to support indie authors!! :-)


  1. have bought the first book am eagerly awaiting payday to buy the second

    1. Awesome Tink! You won't be disappointed with either! :-)

  2. I know the author Julie Nicholls and its her comments regarding Mistral Dawn that have prompted me to put both books on my GoodReads must read list. Looking forward to reading them both.

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! I really hope you like them! :-) Julie is awesome; as an author, an artist, and especially as a person! :-)

  3. Demons,demons everywhere! They're all so hunky,too. Sup with that? ;)

    1. Just a couple of really talented authors, Lanie! :-)