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Mistral Dawn is a thirty-something gal who has lived on both coasts of the US but somehow never in the middle. She currently resides in the Southeast US with her kitty cats (please spay or neuter! :-)) where she works as a hospital drudge and attends graduate school. Taken By The Huntsman is her first effort at writing fiction and if it is well received she has ideas for several more novels and short-stories in this series. Please feel free to visit her on FaceBook or drop her a line at mistralkdawn@gmail.com

Friday, January 16, 2015

Title Contest Still Going!! :-)

Hi Everyone!! 

Here's another excerpt to help with those title suggestions!  Remember to post your ideas in the comments and if one is selected there will be a prize! :-)

    Roni was speaking with one of the current queen’s judges and learning a lot about how the day-to-day process of dispensing justice worked in the Summer Court when she began to feel strange.  It was almost as if a fog had fallen over her thoughts.  Taking another sip of the wine to try to dispel the confusion, she shook her head.
    The disorientation worsened, and she felt the glass fall from her hand.  Distantly, the sound of the judge asking if she was alright buzzed in her ears, but the words made no sense to her.  Inexorably she felt herself being drawn to the other side of the room; she moved as if she were sleepwalking, but soon found herself at Deirdra’s side.
    She looked up at the taller woman, unsure of why she had sought her out.  Before she knew it, her arm moved, seemingly of its own volition, and she was slapping the Elf as hard as she could. Deirdra shrieked when Roni’s hand connected with her cheek, and the sound of the blow resounded through the room like a shot.

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