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Friday, January 9, 2015

Something To Pique Your Interest! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Here's another excerpt to help with those contest entries!! Remember, if a title that is suggested by someone in the comments of this blog is selected as the title of my second book there will be a prize!!! :-)

   Mr. Spats stood up on Uaine's lap and began to stretch but the material in the male's trousers shifted and caused the kitten to lose his balance and tumble to the floor.  Looking disgusted, Mr. Spats stood, shaking his head, and pranced across the room to the bed.  He hopped up and began studiously washing his face.  Everything had happened exactly as he had planned, naturally, nothing to be alarmed about.
   Roni watched the kitten's antics and smiled, but her smile turned to a frown when she turned her attention back to the man sitting in the chair.  She walked over to the bed to deposit the books she carried and scratch the cat's head.  As his rumbling purr filled the room she said: "Is there something you need?"
   Only long years at Court allowed Uaine to keep the grimace off of his face.  This was not a conversation he was looking forward to. "I need to discuss with you the banquet that will be held in your honor tonight.  It is a formal Court function and I wasn't sure if Jillian would have had time to explain to you what that means."
    Roni just looked at him, reminding herself that she had to seem cooperative but not too cooperative.  It was clear the man expected a fight, she thought it might be a good idea to give him one. "And?"
    "And it is important that you create a good impression among the nobles tonight.  They will be the people you will need to help run the government, and if they do not respect you it will be impossible for you to lead them."
    "And you don't think I'm respectable enough?"
     Uaine stood and threw his hands in the air. "You are determined to misconstrue my words!  If you were not respectable enough the goddess would not have bound us together!  But you still must conform to the customs of the Court!"
    Roni climbed up on the bed and sat facing him; her legs crossed one over the other, and her back arched to make the most of her low-cut top.  "How do you think I don't conform to the customs of the Court?"
   "Your human clothing will not be appropriate for a formal Court function; you must allow the dressmaker to create suitable clothing for you."
   "Really?" She said dryly. "You didn't think that two women would find time to discuss fashion, so you just had to run in here and tell me what to wear?"
   Uaine took a deep breath and found himself momentarily arrested by the vision of her cleavage framed by the dark purple blouse.  The sound of Roni clearing her throat broke through his mesmerization, and he dragged his gaze up to meet her eyes.  He scrambled to collect his train of thought as she gave him a sarcastic look.  "I do not want to tell you what to wear!  I just want to ask that you allow the dressmaker to create a formal outfit for you."
    Taking mercy on him, Roni said: "You needn't have concerned yourself, the dressmaker will be here shortly."
   Sighing, Uaine closed his eyes and prepared for the next part of the conversation.   He opened his eyes just as Roni leaned back to rest on her arms and recrossed her legs in the other direction.   Again he found he could not unglue his eyes from her body.
    Roni crossed and recrossed her legs again, wishing she had worn a skirt instead of the jeans.  Still, her actions seemed to be having the desired effect. "Was there anything else?"
    Uaine cleared his throat. "Yes! Yes, you will likely find that some members of the Court are not ready to accept you yet.  You must be very careful to guard your words, no matter what they may say to you, because it is almost certain there are those who will try to provoke you."
   "And why is that?"
   "Because they had hoped to occupy the position which now belongs to you." Said Uaine distractedly.  He still found himself unable to remove his gaze from his Anamchara's legs.  If only she would cease moving them against each other so sensually! It was maddening to see, when all he wanted was to slide his hands, and other things, between them.
   Roni waved her hand over her legs and then moved it up to her face, making sure to cover all of the area in between, and snapped her fingers. "Yo! I'm up here, dude!"
   Uaine looked up confused. "Dude?"
   Roni slowly slid from the bed, making sure to undulate her body to its maximum potential, and then slinked across the floor to stand in front of Uaine.  She put her hands on her hips and looked up at him. "I'll make a bet with you?"
   Uaine swallowed against a suddenly dry throat. "A bet?"
    "Yes, I'll bet you that if I make it through the dinner without saying or doing anything embarrassing then you'll take me on a tour around the area outside the castle grounds.  Jillian told me I can't go without guards, and the guards don't know me well enough to listen to me yet, so you'll arrange for a tour, with or without guards.  Agreed?"
    Uaine looked down into the determined expression on his Anamchara's face and gulped. "It would be better if you delayed such an outing until you are more familiar with our ways."
    "Nevertheless, if I win you'll take me out. Agreed?" She purred, leaning closer to him.
    "And what do I get if I get if I 'win'?" He rasped.
    She took one hand off of her hip and reached up to crook a finger at him, motioning him towards her.  When he leaned down she wrapped both arms around his neck and pressed her body against his.  She put a hand behind his head and pulled his ear down next to her lips. "You'll get what you've been fantasizing about during this whole conversation." She whispered, and then breathed gently against his neck.
    Shivers moved down Uaine's spine and he took a step backwards, sighing, it seemed likely this was the best outcome he could hope for. At least she had heard his warning and would make sure to be extra careful to present a dignified image to the Court.  He wet his dry lips and nodded. "Agreed."
    Roni smiled and turned away, swaying her hips as she walked back towards the bed. She curved her arm around the bed post and cocked an eyebrow. "Then I guess you'd better go so I can be ready when the dressmaker gets here, huh?"
     Uaine watched as she licked her lips, almost as if she were savoring the taste of the words she had just spoken, and nodded his head, stumbling from the room.  When he closed the door, he leaned back against it as fantasies about what she had offered as a prize played through his mind.  If she was unable to verbally navigate the Court politics that were sure to abound that evening it would create problems for both of them in the future.  Even still, there was a part of him that almost hoped he would 'win' their bet.
    He shook his head and stepped away from the door.  His Anamchara was a dangerous female.  He had no doubt that once she had gained her bearings in this new life she would be formidable, both inside and outside of the bedroom, he just hoped they'd both manage to survive that long.