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Friday, January 2, 2015

Jillian Is Back!!! :-)

Hi Everyone!!

Here's another excerpt for you to help with those title suggestions!! :-)  For those of you who have read Taken By The Huntsman, I'm sure you'll recognize Jillian.  You'll get to know her a little bit better in this book.  Enjoy, and don't forget to leave your title ideas in the comments!! :-)

    As Roni looked around, she studied the woman who had been in the room before Uaine and she had entered.  He had gone to speak with her the moment they arrived, and while she could hear them she couldn't understand the language they were speaking.  The woman was beautiful in a high-fashion model kind of way.  She was very tall and very slender, with long, curly white-blonde hair and large eyes.  It was hard to tell in the candlelight, but Roni thought the woman's eyes were gray.  Her skin was poreless and seemed almost luminescent in the flickering light, much like the Uaine's skin was.  Taken as a whole, the woman was one of the most beautiful people Roni had ever seen, second only to Uaine.
    Mildly annoyed that she couldn't eavesdrop, Roni decided to investigate the room.  She moved the draperies aside and confirmed that it was nighttime.  Running her hand over some of the furniture, she found it felt as rich as it looked and she had to fight the urge to allow herself to drop into one of the chairs and take a nap.  She did take her shoes off as she was starting to feel a little shaky from hunger and the high-heels weren't helping her equilibrium.
    During her circuit of the room, she discovered another door behind some tapestries and she turned the knob.  Behind it there appeared to be a bathroom.  It was too dark for her to see the details, and as soon as she opened the door a small, furry creature came flying at her.  She caught her diminutive attacker in her arms, and when she got a good look at it she realized it was the same half-grown, black and white kitten that had helped get her into her current situation.
     Roni took a breath and admitted to herself that it wasn't fair to blame the cat.  She had already been in trouble when she had invaded his hiding space and, if anything, she was responsible for dragging him into her trouble.  She scratched his head and he reached up with a paw to pat her cheek.  He let out a gasping, whisper of a meow and then squealed at her as if to reprimand her for leaving him behind.
   Roni smile. "Hello again, I was wondering where you'd gotten to.  I'm sorry for leaving you, but you see I was kidnapped myself."
     The cat seemed to consider her words and then settled down in her arms to purr.  As he was making himself comfortable, Roni saw Uaine hurry from the room as if someone had set fire to it, taking her bag with him.  She scowled after him and then turned to the woman who was heading towards her.  As she approached, Roni noted again how tall she was.  Like with Uaine, Roni was forced to crane her neck to look the woman in the face.
    "Greetings, my name is Jillian, may I ask yours?"

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