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Monday, June 27, 2016

#Gems Of #Strength #Anthology: Burned Toast By Elizabeth Horton-Newton!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I've introduced you to the authors of  CombustionVanquish, and Undeniable Love in the Gems of Strength anthology, and shown you a little of my own Childish Things. Now I'd like to introduce you to Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author of Burned Toast. Elizabeth, please tell us a little about your story. :-)

My short story is called Burned Toast. This story is about a young woman, Melanie, who managed to escape her abusive fiance Jim. However he eventually catches up with her and kidnaps her. She awakens to the odor of burned toast and finds herself handcuffed to an old fashioned iron bed. What ensues is a conversation between the two while Melanie plans her escape. Even if she does manage to get away from her insane ex will she ever truly be free of him?

"He giggled. It was that familiar high pitched giggle that usually preceded what I had come to term “an event”. Soon the cruel words would begin. As hours passed and his words became more bitter, he would begin to pace. He would throw out questions and accusations. If I responded he would insist I was lying. If I didn’t speak he would maintain I remained silent because I was guilty. There was no way I could win in the situations he would create. Eventually the physical torment would begin. He would get in my face and screaming, with spittle flying, he would demand the truth. A tug on my hair, a slap to the side of my head, perhaps a harder shove; an escalating attack on my sanity. Then the smacks would become punches, at first only to my body. As his anger bubbled hotter like a kettle left too long, the whistle would scream to boiling over and no part of my body or mind would be left unscathed."

Elizabeth Horton-Newton is the author of two full length novels, View From the Sixth Floor and Riddle and has short stories in four anthologies including Gems of Strength. With two novels due for release around the end of the summer 2016 she is also working on another short story for the next Sisterhood anthology. Her stories range from romantic thrillers to horror. In addition to writing she enjoys blogging, traveling internationally, and photography. You can learn more about her and her books at http://www.elizabethhorton-newtonauthor.com/

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