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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

#Angel Within By Julie Nicholls Only #99Cents!!!

Hey Everyone!!

Julie Nicholls is here to let everyone know about some exciting news!! Julie, take it away! :-)


Thank you to Mistral Dawn for letting me take over her blog to bring you details of a 99c book offer. 

Angel Within is the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series and from 22nd June until 24th June you can get it for just 99c.

Need a sneaky peek?
Angel Within excerpt

The deserted courtyard suddenly filled with the sound of hooves against the cobbles as Kai rode as close to the stone steps as he could manage. His urgency was plain. Dismounting and leaving his horse unattended, he kicked the feet of the sleeping guard in the doorway as he pushed the highly decorated doors open.
It was barely dawn and not even the kitchen staff had risen yet, but he wasn’t interested in food and marched towards the staircase. Taking the stairs by twos, he hastened toward the bedroom.
Kai paused outside the door and kicked off his boots before creeping inside the dimly lit room. The sparse glow from the few candles dotted around had little or no effect and stepping cautiously, Kai tried to remain quiet. A pungent aroma filled his nostrils, powerful and exotic; he’d never smelled anything so strong and heady. Eloise loved candles and frequently sent Anna to the chandler with specific requests to add sweet scented oils into the wax.
Glancing towards the bed, he smiled. Eloise lay fast asleep.
Pouring water into the bowl from the jug, he wetted a cloth and began washing his hands and face. He pulled his shirt over his head and unfastened the belt on his trousers.
“You’ve returned earlier than expected, husband.”
He turned with a start.
. She wore a thin nightgown, open at the front and only fastened with a ribbon at her chest. Long hair cascaded past her shoulders to her waist; she’d left it untied, just how he liked it. His eyes moved slowly upwards to greet her smile.
“Eloise.” He rushed forward, his arms closed around her in a bone-crushing embrace. “I’ve missed you.” Kissing her head, his hand smoothed around her waist and squeezed her tightly. Soft groans fell against her neck as he nestled his face close. “I was trying not to disturb you.”
“I must have sensed your return, I couldn’t find sleep.” Eloise looped her arms around his neck. Her soft words filled his ears. “You have no idea how eager I was for your return.”
Kai was unable to respond as the soft press of wet lips caused his mouth to open when Eloise slanted her mouth over his. Her body curled towards him as she pulled at his neck, locking their embrace. His cock throbbed when Eloise ground her hips against him. Undone by her seductive voice after she released her hold, Kai sighed deeply.
“I need you, come to bed.”
“Let me wash.” Kai attempted to push her away as he released his hold, but she clung to him, desperately.
“No, I want you now, you smell like a man, a warrior… I don’t want to wait. Come.”

Demon Within is the first book in the series and is available to buy from Amazon and FREE to read with Kindleunlimited.

Make Kai of Darkmide your next book boyfriend….he’s not all man…he’s half something else.

You can read more excerpts from the whole Fallen Angels Series on my official website www.julienicholls.com
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