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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day Forty-Two

Hey Everyone! :-)

Agent Thoth has returned to regale us with a little more about the trials and tribulations from his stint on the third closest planet to the star Sol. ;-)  Incidentally, if you've missed Agent Thoth's earlier entries, you can find them here: Thoth's Journal

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Forty-Two:
My hominid-servant has a curious habit.  Every day, she activates a fall of warm water and stands under it for an extended period of time.  When she emerges from the waterfall, she smells different than she did before.  She is also invariably soaking wet, which, astonishingly, she doesn't seem to mind.

At first, I thought this was an effort at self-harm and I went to great lengths to try to save her from becoming saturated. But, as I said, she performs this ritual daily and does not seem to suffer any ill effects apart from the altered scent.  So I have settled on close scrutiny of this strange behavior.

The conclusion I have reached is that she is making an effort to groom herself.  As you know, hominid tongues are woefully inadequate for the task of grooming, lacking as they do the necessary texture.  I have attempted to at least demonstrate the proper grooming protocol for her, but so far she has taken no interest in my demonstrations.  I will continue my observations.

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