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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day Seven

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Agent Thoth is back today and he's got a little more to report than last time. ;-)

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Seven:
I believe my suspicions that my hominid-servant isn't as simple as she tries to pretend have been born out.  The hominid language is rather simplistic.  I lack the vocal cord and mouth structures necessary to reproduce the sounds, but it only took me a few hours to decode the communication enough to follow their conversations. I overheard my hominid-servant tell a fellow hominid that, "cats have nine lives." 

Since, as you know, DPCIL agents are assigned to this station for varying lengths of time with a maximum of 40 planetary orbits of the local star, and are allowed to return a maximum of nine times, it seems that, somehow, these creatures have learned about our duty assignment rotations and the limits associated with them.  As they should not be aware of our investigations at all, and their knowledge of our work will almost certainly affect our results, I will attempt to find out how much they have learned about us.  Perhaps the damage is not too widespread and we will be able to contain the leak.

As I stated in my last entry, I feel the canids on this planet deserve more attention than we have been giving them.  I know most agents consider them mindless drones under the control of the hominids, but I believe there is more to the picture.

For instance, I noticed that the canids are the ones who dictate the exercise schedule and that they lead the hominids through their exercise.  In fact, the hominid often seems quite reluctant to engage in exercise, and the canid is forced to provide repeated encouragement and prodding before the hominid will comply.  To me, this seems to indicate that the canid has a greater understanding of the necessity of physical conditioning and the role it plays in an organism's overall well-being.

Perhaps this is just the case with the hominid and canid who have been assigned to me, but this phenomenon does seem to suggest that perhaps the canids are the ones who are in charge.  At least in some aspects of the relationship.

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