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Monday, May 16, 2016

#MondayMotivation! ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I thought I'd spice up your Monday a little bit with an excerpt from Intrigue In The Summer Court.  Enjoy! ;-)

Looking down at the male who was stretched out for her pleasure, her breath hitched in her throat. His body was masculine perfection, with muscles outlined in chiseled definition and skin so pale it seemed luminescent. The yellow hair on his head contrasted nicely with the dark gold curls at the apex of his thighs. The part of him that was visibly eager for her jutted proudly out from his body before curling back towards his abdomen. The flickering candles cast wavy shadows over the peaks and valleys of his frame, lending his complexion a rosy quality.

The first item she picked up was a riding crop with a flap of soft leather at the end. She ran her gloved hand over the short crop, displaying it to her Anamchara, and saw his cock jerk against his belly. Tickling his chest with the end of the flap, she waited until his eyes closed in pleasure and then brought it down sharply just underneath his nipple.

Uaine groaned at the sharp sting of the small whip and pre-cum oozed from the tip of his penis. He nearly came off of the bed as his lover bent down to trace the faint, red welt on his chest with the tip of her tongue and then grinned up at him. "More!" he begged. "Please, mistress, more!"

Narrowing her eyes, Roni glared at him. "Did I give you permission to speak, slave? Did I?" she demanded.

Moaning with frustration Uaine answered, "No, mistress, apologies."

"That's not good enough, slave. I'll have to discipline you."

She crossed her arms over her chest and tapped her chin with one finger, pretending to consider. "Hmmmm….now what punishment might be appropriate for an unruly slave?" she asked rhetorically. Considering the items she had laid out on the bed, she picked each one up so that he could see it and watched his expression.

The prince's eyes narrowed when he saw the nipple clamps and the cock ring his mate had found. Flicking his eyes to her face, he immediately realized his mistake and suppressed a groan. Depending on how deep his lover's sadistic streak ran, this might be a very long night.

I guess the Summer Prince might have gotten in over his head, huh? ;-)  If you'd like to read more, you can find Intrigue In The Summer Court here:

Thank you all for stopping in today, and I hope you have a fantastic week! :-)

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