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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

#Demon #Within By Julie Nicholls On #Sale For Only #99Cents!

Hey Everyone!!

The amazing and talented Julie Nicholls has an announcement for you all.  Julie, take it away! :-)

Demon Within is currently on sale for just 99C until midnight 19th

it’s also available in paperback and audio book!

Here’s a sneaky peek….

Pushing negative thoughts away, my concentration returns to the present. I relish his attention to detail with each caress of his hands across my waist, cradling my back. He brushes his thumb across the sensitive skin under my breasts. I gasp, shuddering beneath him. He breaks the kiss, and his lips rake down my neck to swollen breasts, my nipples rising to his touch. Wet lips and a flash of his tongue bring my back into an arch. Awash in a sensual frenzy, I run my hands through his soft hair, tugging at their roots. I enjoy the low growl escaping his mouth while he teases my body mercilessly, his hands increasing the pressure. I want time to stand still, or for it to move more slowly when we’re together. However, I ask the impossible. Unappreciative my lover is an angel, I’m greedy, selfish, and want more. If he were mine to keep, I’d be content with life; dying happy at the end, I will reflect how joyous my existence had been.

He senses my distraction, and moves to fill my mind with more pleasurable thoughts. He slides his legs between mine and, spreading my thighs wider, his body settles. Feeling the weight of his thick cock resting against my heated sex sends a shiver through my body. I’m excited and dripping wet, glowing with the promise of vigorous love play that will exhaust me and bring about a deep sleep. At that moment, I hope he chooses to leave while I slumber, so I won’t have to face the painful good-byes.

Angel Within and Ascension Within are also available in Audio and paperback. Visit my Amazon Author Page for details of other works by me!

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