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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

#Free!! #Atlantis #After #Midnite By Lisa Kulow!

Hey Everyone!!

Lisa Kulow is making her fabulous novel, Atlantis After Midnite, free, but only for a couple days!!  So if you haven't already, here's your chance to grab a copy of her book and see for yourself what an awesome read it is! :-)

Atlantis After Midnite

The world is being torn apart for the people of Atlantis. Although this isn't the tale your use to hearing. The royal family including Crown Prince Kyrian are unable to comprehend the destruction that is happening all around them. In the midst of a plague. A lovely young Lady named Yew'll who is immune to the plague is brought before King Urian, and Prince Kyrian.
Upon seeing her the Prince was immediately enraptured by her beauty. He asks his father to let him have Yew'll as his personal servant. Sparks fly between the Prince and Yew'll. As catastrophe around them worsens, they end up deliciously enraptured with each other.
King Urian is making final preparations for his people safety and his family.
Prince Urian is to come to him in a secret room in the palace before Midnite.
With the most important thing to him.
As the Gods fury rains down on them, the people of Atlantis move about with purpose.
Prince Kyrian and Yew'll among them.
Strange things are happening, And the room makes strange surreal.
What could have happened? This is not your average tale of Atlantis.
Perhaps, The Royal Family are more than they seem? Did Atlantis really disappear forever? Or maybe there was another place to go..

Want to get to know Lisa better?  Check out her blog here:

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