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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

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Hey Everyone!! :-)

The phenomenol Julie Nicholls has done it again!!  She used her magic and made Daji come to life!!  What do you guys think? I think she did pretty darn amazing!  Can't remember what he looked like in the book?  Here's a refresher! ;-)

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
The Paka turned toward her and now that she was closer, she got a better look at him. Like most members of his species, he was extremely attractive. He was tall, with broad shoulders and a trim waist. His body was covered with short, gray fur that was patterned with black stripes and swirls.

Paka didn't wear clothing for protection the way humans did; their fur kept them warm enough in most environments. This Paka had a thick leather belt around his waist and a leather bandolier with pouches on it running from his left shoulder to his right hip. The belt at his waist had loops and pouches on it as well. However, whatever equipment he normally carried with him was missing.

From the belt hung a dark blue breechclout, which concealed his genitals. That was the only obstruction to her view of his magnificent body. Muscles stood out sharply through the fur on his chest, arms, and legs, and she could even make out the ripple of his abs. When her gaze reached his face, she was drawn in even more.

The cat-like aspect to his features didn't detract from his attractiveness at all. If anything, the structure of his facial bones highlighted his startling blue eyes. A silver stripe of fur ran from the pointed right ear at the top of his head over his nose, which emphasized the sapphire color of his irises even more.

He also wore leather boots, so Petri couldn't see his toes, but the retractable claws in his fingertips were fully extended. She could see they were razor-sharp, and his fingers flexed when she spoke. The Paka bared his pointed teeth and growled at her in warning. Even that threat didn't do much to dampen Petri's sudden desire, and she had to force herself to focus.

Holding her empty hands out to her sides, she said, "Look, I don't want any trouble, but you can't have my sister."

She did a pretty awesome job, didn't she? :-)  If you haven't read Rainbow Dreams yet, you can get your copy here:

Thanks for stopping by today, and please check back tomorrow for the next edition of Mistral Dawn's Musings! :-)

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