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Friday, April 20, 2018

An #Invisible Woman?

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Today, I thought I'd help you start your Friday off with a little mystery. Enjoy! ;-)

Excerpt from Rainbow Dreams:
A train pulled up to the station, but two low-level enforcers who Petri recognized from Abracadabra were on the platform. Fortunately, they didn't see her in the shadows. She stayed where she was as they boarded the train, deciding that it was safer to wait for the next train.

Her wait wasn't long, and she found a seat at the back of another empty car. She hugged the wall as close as she could, not wanting to be seen through a window. The trains ran directly to and from the transfer station. The only reason they were maintained so well and ran so often was to facilitate the movement of Upworld citizens through Under City.

But something told her that getting to the transfer station wouldn't be as simple as staying on the train long enough for it to get there. She wished her face wasn't so distinctive. Half-breeds weren't common, and even her cover of a Paka/Human hybrid was unusual. To her knowledge, she was unique in the Southern sector.

The next three stations were deserted. But when the train pulled up to the fourth station, a crowd was waiting. Petri's heart sank as she slid lower in her seat. She was trapped.

If she got off the train, she would be spotted immediately. If she stayed where she was, they would see her as soon as they boarded the train. There was no way someone wouldn't recognize her.

Not knowing what to do, she froze. She turned her face toward the wall as the sound of feet tramping across the metal floor filled the car. Closing her eyes, she whispered to herself, "They can't see me. No one can see me. I'm small and still, and no one will notice."

As the train set off for the next station, Petri had yet to be confronted. She didn't dare open her eyes or move a muscle. The sound of conversation from her fellow passengers swirled around her, and she listened as they talked about her. But none of them came near her or spoke to her.

Their words were hate-filled and fierce. If this crowd laid hands on her, she would never see a house rep. They would tear her apart. And the houses would be just as happy with that result as they would if they killed her themselves.

They planned to meet up with another group searching for her and make their way back toward the central part of Southern sector. None of them thought it likely she had made it this far toward the outer areas yet. As she listened to them talk about what they wanted to do with her before they killed her, Petri's gorge rose. It would almost be more merciful if they turned her over to a snuff house. At least then she'd probably only be tortured by one or two people before she died.

The seconds ticked by and the beating of her heart sounded loud in her own ears. When the train reached the next station, the lynch mob disembarked. But Petri was too scared to open her eyes or sit up. It was only after the train had arrived at and left five more stations, and silence continued to fill the car, that Petri dared to look around. She was alone.

Somehow, in spite of all probability, they had missed the fact that the woman they hunted sat right behind them. It defied logic. If it hadn't happened to her, Petri would never have believed it. How the hell had they missed her?

Want to find out how Petri became the invisible woman for a few minutes? Go ahead and grab your copy of Rainbow Dreams here:

Happy reading!! :-)

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