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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day 732

Hey Everyone! :-)

Agent Thoth discusses more of the trials and tribulations associated with living with hominids. Incidentally, if you've missed Agent Thoth's earlier entries, you can find them here: Thoth's Journal

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Seven-Hundred-Thirty-Two:
My hominid-servant is cleverer than I thought she was. I still despair of ever being able to state with confidence that hominids possess true intelligence. However, they do, on occasion, surprise me with their ability to be both devious and resourceful.

Per my previous entry, I did complete the mapping of the range of my hominid-servant's H2O delivery device. As a result, I implemented my strategy of staying just beyond its reach while conducting my investigative work. Unfortunately, this tactic, apparently, irritated my hominid-servant. Initially, the only consequence was an intensification of the verbal chastisement she hurled at my person, which was easily ignored. But it was not long before she escalated hostilities in our battle of wills.

My idea's success lasted a mere single planetary rotation before my hominid-servant procured a new, stronger spray device with a greater range. The new contraption can deliver a stream of H2O to anywhere within the living space of my domicile. I was so distraught by this betrayal by my hominid-servant that it has taken me several days to collect myself enough to report on this most recent development. The most galling part is that I am forced to conclude that my experiment has failed, and it is all due to hominid duplicitousness.  

Argh! Those tricksey hominids! ;-) You may have noticed that Agent Thoth has a new look. I hope you like his new picture as much as I do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, either way. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. ;-) Happy reading, everyone!

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