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Thursday, May 18, 2017

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Hey Everyone! :-)

It's the 18th again, and you all know what that means. Time for my monthly #IndieBooksBeSeen indie author book review! Enjoy! :-)

The Running Game by L.E. Fitzpatrick:

Rachel has a secret that could cost her life; she's a Reacher. Unfortunately, someone found out and now it's a race to see if she can escape the city or if those who want to exploit her talents will find her first. Some of the people she meets in her bid for freedom offer to help, but with the stakes this high, who can she trust? Will betrayal cost Rachel her future, or will a little help from her friends make it possible for her to win The Running Game?

I enjoyed this book and I'm glad to see that there are more in the series. The dystopian world Ms. Fitzpatrick created is interesting. Instead of the usual post-nuclear holocaust or post slate-wiping plague, the world that Rachel has to navigate is the result of the collapse of the world financial institutions. Those "Too Big To Fail" banks we hear so much about in the news. The extrapolation of what happens if the warnings of those who urge our leaders to regulate and reduce the size of these institutions continue to go unheeded is thought-provoking. Add in a little xenophobia, a shadowy authoritarian government, and a few unusual abilities and you have a classic dystopian sci-fi novel, but with a fresh and intriguing perspective. Five stars. And I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.

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