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Sunday, October 2, 2016

#NewRelease #Announcement: Chicanery By Barbara Chioffi!!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

The lovely and talented Barbara Chioffi has released a new collection of horror genre short stories just in time for Halloween and it's fantabulous!! Check out the description:

What finds you in the night?

Chicanery is a collection of eight horror tales, each with a little bit of underhanded deceit and enough of the macabre to have you looking over your shoulder.

Who knows what awaits us as we go about our daily lives, unaware of what exists alongside us. In these tales, you will find a bit of betrayal, a snippet or two of terror, and a lot of comeuppance. Oh, and a good dose of helpful spirits.

Sounded so good to me, I had to read it! Here's what I thought:

My Review of Chicanery:
Horror Has Never Been This Fun! Killer clowns, soul stealers, maniacal shape-shifters, and more!  Chicanery takes you from one wild ride to the next with characters and story lines that will suck you in despite the brevity of the prose. This is the second collection of horror short stories released by Barbara Chioffi, and once again she mixes horror with intrigue and romance in a seamless fashion. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Want to see for yourself what a fun, spine-chilling read it is? Awesome! Grab your copy here:

Happy reading! :-)