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Sunday, April 3, 2016

#NewRelease Announcement: #Redemption's #Requiem by Jolie Mason!!

Hey Everyone!!

For any of you sci-fi fans out there, you might be interested to know that Jolie Mason has released the final book in her 47th Lancers series!!  Here's what she has to say about that:

The 47th Lancers Finale

My debut series, Home in the Stars, is the classic tale of a girl and her ship. The connected story lines of that series continue into her novella series, The 47th Lancers. The 47th is a mercenary group, an army for hire, and the men and women in it are the type who don't like rules. It doesn't run like a traditional military, and that's how they like it.

The Redemption is, to hear them tell it, the best ship in the whole damn fleet, and she is the heart of the mech unit. The pilots who jump into harm's way from the Redemption count on her and her crew to get them in and out of fire, and they watch her back in turn.

Up until now, the mechs have been the only force standing up against the Starwalkers, somewhat soulless aliens from beyond the rim who've come looking for planets to strip of resources. But, the Redemption took a few hits along the way, and the unit took its share of losses. They're in need of a win.

Redemption's Requiem is the story of the pilots of the Redemption. Lt. Cathera Aigan and Captain CT Murphy work in perfect sync on the ship. It's only out of the cockpit they hit a few bumps. Cat is a survivor. She fought her way out of the destruction of her colony years ago, and Murphy has beat his own set of long odds. He knows just what kind of grit it took for her to come out of it alive and sane. He'd do just about anything to make sure she gets the rest of the way out. He's determined they'll beat the anxiety and panic attacks that threaten to ground her from ever flying again. Meanwhile, the Lancers are being sent out to search for a missing Imperial ship that could be a game changer in their war with a superior force.

Redemption's Requiem released on March 31st, exclusively on Amazon.

And now, just to tempt you, Jolie has decided to share a couple of excerpts with you. ;-)

Excerpt 1:
His eyes followed the line of her neck to a slim, trim body. She needed to eat more, he thought. He worried when she got this thin. It happened at times, when her anxiety ate at her, and she stopped eating like she should.

He pushed away from the cold wall and knocked on the bulkhead while clearing his throat. She jumped anyway.

"Murphy.," she scolded. "Why do you sneak?"

"I don't sneak. You don't pay attention." He teased her like this a lot. She was jumpier than usual, though. Good thing he had a plan. "I brought you dinner."

She cut her eyes his way, taking in his pack filled with food. "Really?"

"Yes, really."

"Is there a Buddy Bar?"


She jumped out of the chair and headed straight for the pack. Taking it from him, she headed for his bunk, crawling onto it with the pack already open. He laughed. She had her predictable moments.

Excerpt 2:
The next time he woke, he felt warmer. The pain was significantly decreased, and his bed was crowded. He raised his head to feel the brush of Cat's straight locks against his face. She'd curled around him like a vine on a tree. They were still aboard the med ship, but the lights had been dimmed for night shift.

He cinched her closer with his good arm. Her head rested on his shoulder in a deep sleep again. She'd covered them both with her own blanket. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply before letting his head fall back in a calm, contented state. She was all right. He hadn't lost her today. It was all that mattered to him.

She wore a hospital outfit that allowed easy access for treatment. It also allowed body heat to pelt him as it escaped, and he could easily trace the fine bones of her slim chest bone right up to her mouth which mumbled as she responded to his touch. He admired the lines and curves of her in the barely visible white light, ran his hands up and down her body as he lay there waiting for the ship to wake up.

He had to have been like that for hours when the nurse of yesterday finally reported for duty and looking into his bay, frowned. He put down his gear and approached the two of them. Murphy waved him away before he said a thing. "Leave her."

"Sir, you've had a traumatic injury."

"I outrank you, son. I said leave her." His voice grew testy. No one was taking her away. This was where she would sleep every night for the rest of her life, he'd determined. The nurse knew he could pull in a senior medic, but he chose not to push it. Good man, Murphy thought.

"We'll be arriving at Havoc Station in just a few, Sir."

He closed his eyes to rest them. "Fine, it will save you trouble to let her sleep and just wheel us both at the same time."

The nurse harrumphed in a very annoyed way. "Well, you two are perfect for each other."

Tempted?  Good!  You can get your copy of Redemption's Requiem here:

Thank you all for stopping by today, and happy reading!! ;-)


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    1. You're welcome, and thank you! Best of luck! :-)