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Mistral Dawn is a thirty-something gal who has lived on both coasts of the US but somehow never in the middle. She currently resides in the Southeast US with her kitty cats (please spay or neuter! :-)) where she works as a hospital drudge and attends graduate school. Taken By The Huntsman is her first effort at writing fiction and if it is well received she has ideas for several more novels and short-stories in this series. Please feel free to visit her on FaceBook or drop her a line at mistralkdawn@gmail.com

Sunday, April 17, 2016

#ComingSoon from AC Greenlee: #Blood #Fantasy!!


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Author A.C. Greenlee is an award-winning creator of Paranormal Romance, High Fantasy and adventure novels. In 2012, Greenlee's debut novel, Guardian of the Hellmouth, was released via Lillium Publishing House LLC and quickly became a fan favorite. With short stories and novellas like Her General Knows Best, Put the Gun Down and The Chase published under the same house, she most recently dedicates her time to the completion of her manuscript, Genesis and its sequel Awaken. An avid gamer, you will most frequently find her farming experience in an online multiplayer game, or progressing up the military ranks in competitive first-person shooters-hen she's not writing of course. With a B.F.A in Creative Writing and a recently completed M.F.A of the same degree path, A.C. is extremely enthusiastic about embarking on the epic quest of university level graphic design and hopes she has enough poultices to see her through.

Book Blurb:

Beautiful Aliens Inhabit the Earth…

After mass immigration from a world destroyed by war, Alien's from Planet Rift find themselves assimilating into societies across the globe in the year 2057. Tall, ethereal and relatively peaceful, they are a welcomed sight after human born catastrophes that left most major human cities leveled by nuclear fallout. Though the Riftkin are just what the Earthlings need to show the rest of the universe that they’re civilized and capable of something more than hate, their blood-drinking ways quickly become a problem. 

A Doctor Who Can Keep Us Safe?

Dr. Ava Khan, a dusky-skinned, world-renowned Psychiatrist from Dubai, creates a program meant to wean the Aliens off plasma through psychology. But for every new rule and law she helps put into place, the Riftkin fall further into poverty. Driven into action by starvation and deportation, underground blood dens and terrorist organizations spring up like weeds. Only, little do they know, the old Order of planet Rift has sent the doctor a secret protector in the form of Adrihel, famed military fighter and celestial being. He takes the name Dimitri Freysson and enters her program freely, not expecting a brown-eyed temptress with curves he’d die to get his hands on. 

Doctor Ava Khan: Kidnapped by Terrorists!

In an attempt at world domination, a terrorist group takes Ava and Dimitri hostage. While she continues to deny the passion she feels at his touch, Dr. Khan will have to face the sins of her actions and will be held accountable for each life she inadvertently took. In a whirlwind of lies, discoveries and unrequited love, it’s only a matter of time before the world she helped build comes crumbling down on top of her. And in an amazing twist of fate, when her protector is given the chance to take vengeance for his people by ending her life, a bond she never knew she had is shattered right before her very eyes.


She was always there. Watching him. Judging him. Sizing him up with those large, dark eyes, cautious and fearful behind her thickly rimmed glasses. Her hair, darker than sin, escaped her ponytail to curl stubbornly around her tanned face, bringing out the golden hues in her delightfully dusky skin. She was a goddess. Radiant. Beautiful beyond belief, even behind her deceptively unkempt facade. In spite of the heavy, almost masculine, clothing she wore to hide the bounty of her curves, just one look at her told him how extraordinarily sensual and passionate she was. How badly she needed him to touch her, to bring that passion to life with his hands, lips and tongue. It made him hard just thinking about it. Dr. Ava Khan was a dark-skinned temptress, and the more she ignored their shared attraction, the more he wanted her.
          The doctor cleared her throat, fidgeting nervously with her ink pen as she directed her gaze away from his.
          "Mr. Freysson–?”
          "Dimitri," he cut her off. "I've told you to call me Dimitri, doctor."
          "And I've told you that it isn't right, Mr. Freysson. You're my patient. This meeting isn't one of leisure. Now, if we could return to the topic at hand. How have your group sessions gone? Are you seeing any progress?" she asked. Dimitri rolled his neck, risking a glance at the two armed guards stationed outside her doors. They were all talk, but the shiny M16 rifles hanging off their shoulders made them more trouble than they were worth. He couldn't help but scoff. Sure, mortals could put deadly weapons in the hands of untrained buffoons but his people were the savages.
          “Better than I could have hoped for. You would have been proud of me. I managed to not bite anyone for an entire thirty-five seconds."
          “A–And then?" she asked nervously. Dimitri chuckled.
          "I was only joking, Doctor Khan. I've managed to keep my urges under control for at least a month now. But I have to warn you, it's getting increasingly harder to do so." He watched her scribble something on her clipboard before looking back up at him.
          "Harder in what way?"
          "I don't know, in the way of I'm not used to eating Earthling food and even now your blood sings to me, begging me to indulge." You would have thought he'd struck the woman the way she pulled away from him. Ava sat up straight in her seat, her clipboard hitting her desk loud enough to draw the attention of the guards. They peeked over their shoulders to make sure he wasn't attacking her before returning to their own business. "Don't look at me that way, Doctor. I'm not some demon waiting in the dark to hurt you. I just want to live my life the way I am meant to."
          "Mr. Freysson, blood drinking isn't normal in this world. When your species first arrived on Earth seeking asylum, there wasn't a single country around the world unwilling to grant it to you. But the moment we found out about your...unique pallet–”
          "Things changed. Suddenly we weren't welcome."
          "No, you were still welcome. There were just rules and regulations that were enacted to keep everyone safe."
          "And have you ever had anyone nibbling on your neck, Doctor Khan?"
          "Excuse me?" she asked, taken aback.
          "Have you donated plasma to one of my kind? The Riftkin are gentle. We're not savage beasts devouring any and all in our path. Not to mention, I've been told that our bite can be quite pleasurable. Why do you think your humans take to back alleys, begging to feed us? It's like a drug, Doctor. It's intoxicating."
          "That may be true, but it can also be harmful to the human involved, not to mention very unsanitary. Saliva carries bacteria and, at the risk of sounding crass, there haven't been enough studies done on whether or not certain antibodies from your world are lethal to human beings," she started and he sat back in his seat, rolling his eyes. He'd heard this speech before. What if, what if? What if she actually gave him a chance instead of lumping him in with everyone else? He wasn't just some random Alien who wanted to bed her, he wanted to love her. Was that too much to ask? "What if you slip up and take too much? Anemia can be very dangerous–are you even listening to me?"
          "Honestly, no. I'm not listening to you because I've heard it all before," he said, sitting forward to look her in the eye. "I've heard the stories. I've read the history of your world. All the pain, suffering and war. All the dissension and death solely because your own kind looked or spoke differently. It took nuclear war, the annihilation of entire races, the melting of the polar ice caps to finally unify your species. And now you seek to do the same thing to my people?" he asked. He tried his best to mask the pain in his voice, but it bled through with every word he spoke. "Do you think the majority of us wish to be here? Being told what we can and can't do, having to comply with silly regulations in order to keep living here? We can't go back to our world, Doctor Khan. There is no going back to a world so war-torn, so tainted by the stench of death and poverty that it is no longer inhabitable. But to come here and have to change our entire way of living? To take names that erase our culture just so your kind can pronounce them? It's cruel." Ava just watched him speak, unable to fight down her own emotions as they assailed her. Her training as a psychiatrist taught her to remain calm and collected. But he was right. What they were doing to his people was wrong. It was inhuman. Even though they didn't agree with their methods, with their culture, it wasn't right for them to tell them they were wrong. But what could she do about it? She was just a doctor, one of many tasked with "rewiring" the Riftkin in compliance with government orders around the world. She would have liked to believe that it wasn’t her call, that none of this really had anything to do with her. But it did. Because originally, the program had been her idea. And she’d been rewarded for it greatly. From the Nobel Peace Prize to countless award-winning medical papers written on her innovative idea, the world had been ecstatic to have something in place that would finally allow everyone to live relatively in harmony. Except for the fact that it was flawed. It was broken and people everywhere suffered because of it.
          "I don't know what to say. I can't simply change things even when I think they are wrong."
          "And I wouldn't ask you to. This isn't your world, Doctor. We're both inhabitants just doing what we can to survive," he said, his tone defeated. Ava folded her hands before her. She had to admit, she was seeing the man in a new light. When she'd first met Dimitri Freysson he was angry and violent. He lashed out at anyone who got too close and threatened to take the heads off of those smart enough to stay away. Except for her. In the end, that's why he was assigned as her patient, she was the only person he could stand to be around for more than a few moments at a time. He'd opened up to her, told her stories about his world, secrets that he'd sworn to never divulge. About stargazing on asteroids and unearthing moon rocks that were rarer than diamonds. She'd always imagined some sublime planet far from her own, inhabited by creatures as stunning as he was who drank blood from bejeweled, crystal goblets. She could never bring herself to see Planet Rift for what it really was. A black hole who's people were dying by the thousands every single day. Dimitri, like others of his kind, was the epitome of male beauty. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed; they were right to give him a Norse name when he first arrived on Earth because, to her, he could have been a descendant of Thor himself. He was tall and muscular, broad at the shoulders with a tapered waist that made all of his clothing fit him in a way that always had her wondering what he kept hidden underneath. She knew it wasn't right to fantasize about her patients, but how could she resist when the man sitting before her looked like royalty and went out of his way to make her feel beautiful? She often wondered what he saw in her, why he seemed so intent on pursuing her. What could she offer someone like him?

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