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Thursday, February 18, 2016

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Hey Everyone!! :-)

It's February 18th, so time for my #IndieBooksBeSeen monthly book reviews! :-)

Blood Ties by Julie Nicholls:

Kaegen is a genetically engineered superhuman. Gabriel is a werewolf. They both have been subjects in an illegal, undocumented laboratory and victims of the sadistic Dr. Keller. Gabriel escaped at the first opportunity, but Kaegen was turned into a weapon by the evil scientist, and he was sent to find Gabriel and bring him back to a cage. And that's just where the action starts! :-)
I read this book in one sitting! Once I got started, the fast-paced action sucked me in and kept me on the edge of my seat. The romance and sexual tension between the characters was great, and the sex scenes were super hot! This story is just getting started, and I can't wait for the next book! :-)

View From The Sixth Floor by Elizabeth Horton-Newton:

After losing her husband, Livvy is trying to find a way to fill her time and distract herself from her loss. A series of serendipitous events piques her curiosity and leads her to make a trip to Dallas. But even in her wildest imaginings, she never would have guessed what would happen there!
This is an interesting take on the assassination of JFK, and a great addition to the "What-If" collection of stories. I really enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. For one thing, there is a romance plotline that centers around people in their late 50s. This is a population that is often left out of romantic fiction, and I'm always glad to see diversity added to popular media. Also, I learned quite a few things about JFK's presidency and that time period in American history, and I'm always glad to find a painless way to educate myself. The story moved quickly and was quite suspenseful. I found myself flipping pages as fast as I could read them, just to find out what happened next! All-in-all, I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who enjoys well-developed tales full of complex characters. :-)

Riddle by Elizabeth Horton-Newton:

Riddle is a story based in a small town and the author does an excellent job of adjusting her characters to this setting without making them stereotypical. Although there are difficult subjects such as racism that are dealt with throughout the book, this is overall not a book that is meant to deal with those topics and that are woven into the background more than the forefront of the story. This is most certainly a mystery with some romance and a few adult scenes and the twists the story takes are both enjoyable and slightly scary at the same time. A book worth a read if you're into mystery and suspense with a bit of flash.

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