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Monday, February 8, 2016

Don't #Forget The #BadGuys! ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Today I thought it might be nice to give you a quick peek at some of the darker characters who lurk around the Summer Court of Fairie.  In this excerpt from Intrigue In The Summer Court, you'll get to see how Ciane treats her allies. ;-)

Sensing his lack of commitment to her cause, Ciane floated over to where her slave sat in the corner of the room. Stroking her gloved hand down the side of his face she said, "Renny," when he failed to look up she continued, "look at me. Look at me, Renny," she repeated. As he slowly raised anguished eyes to meet her cold ones she said, "You will gather the fire-making materials, won't you?"

Looking down again he whispered, "Aye, mistress."

"Look at me!" she demanded. When his eyes once again met hers she said, "I expect you to do everything in your power to make sure no one finds out what you're doing, or why, and for you to make sure you have absolutely everything we might need to set a building on fire. Do you understand?"

"Aye, mistress," he breathed, staring into her eyes helplessly. Drowning in their soulless depths.

An evil smile unfurled across her face, and she patted his cheek. "Good," she began pulling the glove off of her right hand, "and just to make sure you remember, I think I'll reinforce the message." She turned to look over her shoulder at the Elf who watched them with sickened fascination. "You need to stay in this tavern, but there's no need for you to remain in this room. You'd stand out downstairs, and someone might report your presence here, but I've also rented the room next to this one. You can wait there." She smirked and taunted, "Unless you want to watch."

"I think you are making this unnecessarily complicated," griped Aithne as she hurried towards the door. When she saw the tiny Fae reach toward the male who was huddled on the floor, she hastily left to go to the other room.

"Oh no," murmured Ciane as she turned her full attention towards her victim. "This is exactly how it should be." She sighed in pleasure when she saw the longing mingled with fear and revulsion on the male's face as she touched him.

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