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Friday, September 18, 2015

#IndieBooksBeSeen #Monthly #Indie #BookReviews! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

It's the 18th again, so here are my monthly indie book reviews! :-)

Glory by Devin O'Branagan:

Glory Templeton is a pretty normal seventeen year old girl, who just wants to have fun and figure out what she's going to do with her life. Unfortunately for her, she's coming of age just at a time when a lethal pandemic is sweeping the world. Her mother happens to be one of the scientists who is working on finding a cure for the plague, so imagine her surprise when her mother tells her that her blood holds the only hope of saving humanity!
I read this book in one sitting, because I just couldn't bear not knowing what was going to happen. Glory is an interesting story that straddles the sci-fi/paranormal/urban fantasy line. Ms. O'Branagan did an amazing job of capturing the uncertainty and optimism that often go hand in hand with the age group this book centers on. Her characters seem like real people, with flaws, doubts, and fears just like anyone else. I really enjoyed this story, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. :-)

Southern Shifters: Werelock by Mina Carter:

Hale Roark is a warlock, at least that's what he thinks he is. Renae Brogan is a lion shape-shifter who is running from an abuse ex. Hale has been hired to track her down and bring her back, but he doesn't know the whole story. He's an expert bounty hunter, but he never thought he'd be facing down dragons for this woman!
Werelock is a fun, sexy read with a lot of humor thrown in. It is a short story, but there's a lot of information packed into those few pages, so hang on for a wide ride! I really enjoyed this story, and I'm looking forward to Ms. Carter's next hot offering! ;-)

Ares by KA Finn:

Tessa is a slightly naive officer on a Foundation ship. Gryffin is a cyborg and the leader of a fleet of mercenary ships, the Nomad. The Nomad are committed to defending the independence of the colonies in their sector...the same colonies the Foundation is bent on conquering. Not the most promising start for a romance, is it? Add to that the fact that the Foundation isn't the benevolent government Tessa believes they are, and certain shadow elements are bent on capturing Gryffin for their own purposes, and you have a recipe for non-stop action!
This is the first novel in what is obviously a series, and it does have a cliffhanger ending. But if you like sci-fi romance with tortured cyborg heroes, then this is the book for you. Five stars, and I can't wait for the next book! :-)

Latitudes & Catitudes: Prequel to The Sea Purrtector Files by Jeanne Fogurth

Xander de Hunter is a cat with a dream. That dream is to one day become a Purrtector. He wins a kickboxing match and is soon after approached with a request to help find the beautiful Cha-Cha who was supposed to have given the winner their medal. She's missing and this might just be his chance to shine!
As a life-long servant to the feline kind, I loved this story. It's very short, but adorable and purrfect as a bedtime story for the young animal-lovers in your life. :-)

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