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Thursday, September 24, 2015

A #Question For The #Ages ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

So, the poll to choose the title for my WIP is officially concluded and I will be announcing the winning title tomorrow.  In the meantime, here's another sneak peek for you.  When you finish reading it, ask yourself if you've ever wondered the same thing. ;-)

Excerpt from WIP:
With a plan in place, the two of them headed to the door. Before they could head off on their respective errands, Megaera emerged from the bedroom batting a small object across the floor. When she looked up from her make-shift toy and saw them getting ready to leave, she picked up the object in her mouth and carried over to Ankou, spitting it out on his boot. "Mmmmruumm. Raaoowup!" she said.

Stooping down, the king picked the cat's offering up off his foot. Looking at it, he realized it was a scrap of black fabric. He sniffed it and recognized a scent. Turning to Tairise, his eyebrows raised, he asked, "Do you have any idea why Duibhne would have been in here?"

"No." Ta held out his hand for the shredded cloth. When Ankou handed it over, ta sniffed it as well. "But you're right, it is hers." Ta looked at the cat and reached down to pet her. "I wish you could tell us what you know."

Winding in between the two Faes' legs, Megaera purred and basked in the attention.

"Do you think Kate would have asked Duibhne to accompany her to the Duergar village?" asked the king.

Tairise shook tas head. "I don't think so. That female has been trying to ingratiate herself with the queen for weeks, but your mate saw right through her. I can't think of a reason Kate would decide to trust that trouble-maker all of the sudden."

"That was the impression I was under as well," mused Ankou. "But I'm at a loss to explain this," he held up the rag.

"I think, when we speak with the guards and servants, we will also need to ask them if they know where Duibhne is."

Nodding, the king added, "Her, or her brother."

When Megaera realized the people were leaving, she gave them a disgruntled chirrup and sauntered back towards the bedroom. Before she left the room, she looked back over her shoulder and met Ankou's eyes.

The king looked at the cat whose eyes bored into his own. He knew there was more going on than he was seeing, and for some reason he was almost certain the animal was trying to tell him what it was. But for all their mutual desire to communicate, Megaera's secrets remained concealed. He frowned, disappointed. Why did felines always have to be so mysterious?

Hmmm...I'd like to know the answer to that too!!  Oh well.  Take care and be safe everyone!! Until tomorrow!! :-)


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    1. You're welcome, I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

    2. Great peek into your new excerpt..I used to have what I called kitty chats w my late kitty Scully lol. She was a huge talker and I swear I could understand most of what she was trying to convey lol, like when she would wake me up by crawling up on my hip, digging in her claws and demanding that I get up and feed her lol. And if I didnt get up, she would come back and get into my face and would very loudly begin to tell me she was very hungry and angry w me lol. And then she would follow me to my bathroom, wait beside me until I was done; talking to me the entire time and try to climb my leg..she weighed 20 lbs so it wasn't something I wanted a repeat lol.so then she would just attack my door on both sides, so my hubby decided to install a kitty door in my bedroom door..and then she got to come and harass me whenever she felt like it all..cats are a lot smarter than they ever get credit for😀

    3. Ha! She sounds like a character. I'm sorry for your loss. Honestly, I've never had any trouble understanding the kitties in my life. They have all been excellent communicators. ;-)

  2. I loved the book and I love the fact that you have a cat in each book..I happen to love kitties in all shapes and sizes