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Friday, April 17, 2015

#Poems For #Fairy #Lovers!! :-)

Hey Everyone!!

You all know how much I love fairies, right? ;-)  Well one of my author besties, Barbara Chioffi, has written a couple of poems that I wanted to share with you all!! :-)  Enjoy!


Fairy wings, gentle and wispy
Belie a strength within,
One that is eons old,
Fashioned of starlight,
And far stronger
Than ever imagined.

Hidden in plain sight,
The truth is there
If one would only look
Under a leaf,
Behind a rose,
Or in the heart.



Where do fairies go when the lights are low?
To the glade to share in Fairy glow.
They shimmer and shine in glory divine
Making sparkles that ebb and flow.

Oh if I could only dance
Perhaps they would favor me
With a glance.
And I would join in their revelry
At one with them
I would ever be.


If you like that sample of her writing, Barbara has also published an awesome short story called Angel Mine.  You can find it on Amazon for only 99 cents! :-)  Angel Mine On Amazon

Did you admire her beautiful cover as much as I did? :-)  Julie Nicholls is the talented artist who created it, and you can find more of her work here:  Julie's Book Cover Art


  1. Wow, I love the poetry! It's very light and sweet, but carries weight. Wonderfully done:D!

    I love that book cover, the black and white mixed with the gold is so classy and stylish.

  2. Yes, they are both extremely talented ladies!! :-)