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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Review Of Blood Assassin By Alexandra Ivy

Blood Assassin is the second novel in Alexandra Ivy's Sentinels Series.  It's set on Earth in a society that is pretty much exactly like the one we all know and some love more than others. ;-)  The one difference is that there are some people who have special powers due to genetic mutations (yes, I thought of the X-Men too but it's different enough to be interesting) who are called "high-bloods." The powers these people have varies from person to person with some being stronger and/or having a broader range of powers than others.  The story in Blood Assassin centers around Serra (a powerful psychic) and Fane  (a guardian who protects other high-bloods using muscle, brains, and magic).  Serra is kidnapped by a powerful witch-assassin, Bas, who wants her to find his four year old daughter who is being held hostage by person(s) unknown.  To convince her to do his bidding he infects her with a magical poison which only he can remove.  Serra and Fane have to find the little girl before time runs out, and then find a way to make Bas keep his promise to remove the poison.

While I'd read Alexandra Ivy's Guardians of Eternity series before, Blood Assassin was the first novel I read in her Sentinels Series.  I wasn't disappointed.  Since I haven't read the first book (something I'll have to rectify) in the series, Born in Blood, I had to play a little catch-up with the back story, but Ms. Ivy shares enough that this novel could be read on its own.  There were a few typos in the ebook copy of this novel which were a bit distracting at times, but not enough to detract from the charm of the story.  Reading the interactions between two very strong and opinionated protagonists was a lot of fun, and, as in all of Ms. Ivy's stories, the romance between Serra and Fane was HOT! Overall, five stars; I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of paranormal romance novels. :-)

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