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Friday, July 21, 2017

Living With A Muffin

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I figured it was time for a little more nonsense. Enjoy! ;-)

Incidentally, The Muffin is the cutie-pie pictured above. He's not that size anymore, but he was when he acquired me. About that time, there was a meme going around that defined a kitten as a homicidal muffin with legs. The description still fits, even though he's a larger-sized muffin now.

Me: *pushes Muffin paw away from carrot sticks* You don't like carrot sticks.

Muffin: *reaches for carrot sticks again* I might.

Me: *pushes paw away again* Stop that! You don't like carrot sticks!

Muffin: *reaches again* You never know! I might!

Me: *pushes paw away again* What is wrong with you? Cats don't like carrot sticks!

Muffin: *reaches again* Let's test that hypothesis.

Me: *gets distracted and looks away for a minute*

Muffin: *snags carrot stick and takes off with it*

Me: Seriously? *chases after carrot-stick wielding Muffin*

Muffin: *spits out carrot stick and walks away in disgust*

Me: *Picks up the carrot stick and holds it out* Well, it's yours now. Eat it.

Muffin: I don't like carrot sticks.

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