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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Is This The End? ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I'm back today with another short peek at what Petri Dish is getting up to. Enjoy! :-)

Excerpt from book two in the Petri Dish Chronicles:
Once again, the weight of the aliens' minds pressed against her. But this time, it wasn't a single finger of thought trying to worm its way past the outer barriers of her mind. Instead, it was an enveloping pressure that seemed to be trying to compress her brain into a space half its size.

Gripping her head in her hands, Petri shrieked, "Stop!"

"Can you not defend yourself, child?" asked the third voice.

Petri fell to her knees, trying to evade the vice-grip on her head. But it followed her. She felt a wet sensation on her cheeks and reached up to touched it. Her fingers came away red with the blood that was leaking from her eyes. The metallic scent of it filled her nose and mouth making her gag. Moaning, Petri collapsed onto her side and shuddered with the pain. She knew then she was going to die.

Wow! Sounds like Petri is in trouble again! Do you think she's right?  Is this the end? Or will she find a way to save herself?  I can't wait until this book is done so we can all find out! ;-)

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