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Monday, September 19, 2016

Do You Like #Free #Books? ;-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Do you like free books? ;-)  This is the last week for you to get a great one and all it will take is a couple of seconds!  The fabulous and talented Julie Nicholls has submitted her new young adult novel, Dragon Moon, to the Kindle Scout program.  If you vote for her book and it's accepted, you'll get a free copy when it's published!  The best part?  It's completely free to vote and just takes a couple of seconds! I'll let Julie take over from here and tell you all about it. :-)

 Hey peeps!!

First of all, thank you to Mistral for letting me take over her blog once more! This lady is the muts nuts! I know you’ve already seen a sneaky peek from my latest novel, Dragon Moon, but I thought you’d like another. *grins* If you haven’t already checked out the link to Amazon’s Kindle Scout, to nominate Dragon Moon, it would be great if you could. You can read the first 5k of this Young Adult Fantasy, and then decide if it’s worth you taking the time to press that button that says, “nominate”
On the plus side, you will receive this book FREE if I get the publishing contract with Kindle Scout, so we both get a prize!!

Here’s the link to nominate: DragonMoon 

and here’s another sneaky peek!

“How far is Havelena?”
“About an hour’s ride that way,” Dizelli points in the opposite direction to the mountains, “through the forest. Why?”
“I think we should pay Lord Ithel a visit.”
Dizelli’s interest is piqued and she leans forward. “What is your plan?”
“I don’t have one, but I think we should meet up with him and have a chat.”
“I will come with you,” Nia says.
It speaks!
I turn to look at Nia and for the first time since I met her, she is smiling.
Dizelli sits back in her chair. “We need Elyan and his warriors to escort us,” she says. “Irisa, go and find him. Tell him I wish to speak with him urgently.”
“Yes, Dizelli.” Irisa answers, and then leaves in a breeze.
“Do you think Elyan will go with us?” I ask.
“Yes. Do not worry.”
After a short time, there’s a rush of air as the door flies open. Elyan blusters in and stands with his hands on his hips, glaring at us. He arrived awfully quick. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was listening at the door.
“Why am I summoned?”
“We want to ride to Havelena and need an escort,” Dizelli says. “Do you have the time to ride with us or not?”
Elyan frowns. “Why are you going there? What madness is this?”
“No madness. I want to meet Lord Ithel,” I say as I push the chair away and stand up. “But if you’re too busy, we can manage.”
I can’t lie; he is good looking, but he’s got a bit of an attitude with women. That’s possibly why Nia is always so miserable. I’m glad he’s not my brother.
“Very well, but we must hurry. It will be dark in a short time. We do not want to be caught in the forest at night.” He turns to leave and shouts over his shoulder. “I will prepare the horses. Be outside and ready shortly.”
“Isn’t he a bossy one.” I say.
“It is the way of the men. It makes them feel important.” Dizelli chuckles. “But we only let them think they are in charge, do we not?”
“Oh, yes! My mother always has the last word in our house. I feel sorry for my dad sometimes. She can be a right nag when she’s of a mind.”
Again I’m wondering about my mam and dad. What will they be thinking? That I ran off in the night or that someone came in and kidnapped me?
I can see Dizelli looking up at me from under a frowning brow. I think she knows more than she lets on.
“We’d better get outside then. We don’t want to give Elyan a reason to be snippety, do we?”
It’s not long before Elyan returns with four of his warriors and spare horses. They’re not the nags we rode earlier; I’m not sure I’m going to like this. Gluteus Maximus I and his buddy, Gluteus Maximus II, are already tensing at the thought of sitting in a saddle for another couple of hours. I’ll need some serious help later to soothe away the aches and I’m thinking Vanillium might help.
“Let us go. We have a hard ride ahead,” Elyan snaps.
Before I have the chance to offer a comeback, he’s already spun his horse and is heading for the eastern gate..

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