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Saturday, December 12, 2015

#CoverReveal #Facebook #Event for #TheSolomonProject by @wrennovels!!! :-)

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Jessica Wren is hosting an ongoing Facebook event for her upcoming novel The Solomon Project!  The event will continue until the book release on February 11th, but today she's doing her cover reveal for the book!  You can read below for details on how you can win lots of totally awesome prizes!! :-)

Come join me as I turn my newest novel into a reality. Part paranormal dystopian thriller, part historical fiction, you will be thrilled to Heaven and back as Eddie and his family, in the midst of a desperate crisis, call up the spirits of Solomon, Uriah and other major Biblical figures to help them defeat the cruel CIN and put an end to the deadly epidemic that's spreading quickly through the Southeast District (aka Georgia). Prizes, preplanned and random, will be awarded in abundance, with King Solomon's Treasure, a super secret grand prize awarded at the end.

Random Prizes: every so often, I will choose from among the list of participants to receive a $5 Amazon gift card AND a free ebook. You never know when you may win...
A. If you have a specific book you want, let me know and it will be honored. (My only other published book is currently undergoing a rewrite. I don't recommend that you choose that one lol)
B. Otherwise, tell me what your preferred genre is and I will send a "surprise" from the 60+ books I have reviewed. Please indicate if you don't like the following: excessive profanity, graphic violence, graphic sex scenes, or anything else you find unacceptable so I can pick something you'll like.

Scheduled Prizes: every Friday, the person who has earned the most 'talents' (swag points) will be awarded a swag prize such as a sweatshirt, T-Shirt, water bottle, etc. Swag will also be awarded during special events, such as the cover reveal. You win talents by:
inviting friends (5 talents)
sharing the event (5 talents)
tweeting/retweeting about the event or book (I strongly encourage you to use the hashtag #TheSolomonProject and to put @wrennovels in any tweet when possible. Not required for the points, but it makes it easier for me to keep up with and, well okay...I want to trend!) (2 talents)responding to a post concerning the event (1 talent per response, within reason. This includes participation in others' takeovers),
doing a takeover (20 talents for an hour, 50 for a full day)
being of any assistance at all during the event in a way I have not yet considered (talents awarded on a case-by-case basis by mutual agreement)
posting about the cover reveal between December 7-11 on your blog (100 talents)
posting about other special events on you blog (100 talents, dates TBA)
getting a friend to post about the aforementioned events on his/her blog or to reblog (150 talents each, please post the links)
posting about the book release on your blog between February 3-11 (500 points),
Getting a friend to post about the book release on these dates or to reblog (600 talents each, please provide links), and
between February 6-11, convincing someone to download a copy of The Solomon Project (2000 talents each, and that 'someone' can be yourself ;)).

Talents are cumulative, and the person with the most talents on the 11th at 9pm EST will be the winner of King Solomon's Treasure, an assortment of swag, goodies, and other prizes, including a brand-new Kindle tablet ($60 value).
In the event of a tie, random.org will choose the winner, both weekly and of the grand prize.

Only people who have chosen 'going' or 'interested' will be awarded talents.
As these can be rather tricky for me to keep up with, I encourage you to keep your own tally in case I forget to add your earned talents. You are on the honor system; however, talents are subject to verification (which will probably only happen if there is a dispute, in which case you will be responsible for proving points).

"So, Jess, why don't you just use Rafflecopter?" Because (a), Rafflecoptor in the past has proven to be a huge PIMA, and (b), I want the winners to be people who have actually earned the prizes, not someone who did one little thing and got lucky.

I'll post the talent totals as often as possible but no less than weekly.

See the schedule of events for author takeovers and other events.

Please join Jessica at her event and enter to win some of the awesome prizes she is offering!! :-)

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