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Sunday, November 15, 2015

#Laugh & The Whole #World #Laughs With You...

Hey Everyone!! :-)

Here's the next installment of An Animal Rescuer's Guide To Staying (Relatively) Sane.  In this section I talk about the need for a sense of humor.  Animals are awesome at getting themselves into predicaments.  They also aren't shy about making their displeasure known through less than polite means.  All of this means you have to be able to laugh or you'll go crazy.

The kitty above, Saeatae, was protesting the fact that his favorite cat bed was in the wash at that time.  You can't see it in the picture, but to make his point he very kindly knocked over the recyclable-metal bucket and spread the contents around my apartment.  Here, he's in the process of shredding the recyclable paper, presumably, with the same goal in mind.

Some Things You Need To Come To Terms With And/Or Remember Continued:
6. Keep your sense of humor. A sense of humor is essential for anyone who wants to work with animals. Many animals have sensory systems (vision, hearing, etc.) that are very different from those of humans. Couple this with the differences between humans and many other animals in how these stimuli are processed in the brain and reacted upon, and you have a recipe for some truly hilarious situations. Of course, without your sense of humor these same situations become annoying and frustrating. Given a choice, how would you like to spend the bulk of your time?  Amused? Or frustrated and annoyed? See why a sense of humor is so important? Also, after days and months and years of dealing with people and their stupidity, irresponsibility, cruelty, and ignorance, you can either learn to find the humor in a situation or you can end up in a padded room tended by the people in white coats. There really is no other option. One caveat: the most important person to learn to laugh at is yourself.

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