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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ABibliophilesJourney Book Tuber Interviewed By Mistral Dawn

Hi Everyone!! :-)

Keeley, on the ABibliophilesJourney YouTube Channel, has been kind enough to join us today.  She's a book tuber on YouTube, and you may remember that she was kind enough to give Taken By The Huntsman a shout out during her #25DaysOfIndie project.  She also just recently reached the 200 subscriber mark for her channel!  Congratulations, Keeley, and can you tell us how long have you been book tubing on YouTube? :-)

Keeley:  Only since May of 2014. I didn't even know book tubing existed until I decided to Google "book hauls" to look for book ideas. 

Me:  Wow!  That's quite an achievement in such a short time.  What made you want to start? 

Keeley:  I really felt like I had finally found a community I could join in on. Reading has been a huge part of my life for a long time and I have been a book collector for as long as I can remember. If I could make friends from all over the world as a result of sharing my books, I figured why not?

Me:  Awesome!! I agree, one of the best things about the internet is meeting wonderful people from all over the place. :-)  When did you learn about indie books vs. traditional publishers? 

Keeley:  I definitely knew there were self published books out there, but I really didn't start looking into any specific authors until I saw someone use #IndieBooksBeSeen in one of their tweets. At this point I can't remember who it was either. I was intrigued so I looked into it and was instantly hooked. 

Me:  Yeah, Mark Shaw is amazing for what he's done with #IndieBooksBeSeen.  How do you decide which books to read? 

Keeley:  Mostly from ones that I grew up hearing about which constitutes the majority of my horror/fantasy/sci fi choices. Then of course a lot of my more recent choices have been heavily influenced by what other book tubers are talking about and indie authors that I've been discovering. 

Me:  That makes sense.  How does your rating system work?

Keeley:  I pretty much start out with every book at a 4 in my head. Then as I'm reading I'll adjust based on if I'm enjoying it, the dialogue, if the plot is predictable, etc. More often than not it seems that books stay around a 4 for me. I try not to give 5's anymore unless a book really blows me away or if it was super fun to read. It's rare that I'll give below a 3. 

Me:  Ha! You sound like some of my teachers who hate to give As. ;-)  How long does it generally take for you to read and review a book once you receive it? 

Keeley:  It varies. I try to read and review books that I've received ASAP, but I also try to read what I'm in the mood for so that I give the book a fair chance. I found that if I force myself to read something because I feel pressured, I won't stay engaged and often will give the book a lower rating. Now if it's something I'm super excited about I'll normally start it within a few days and try to review it the day that I finish it. 

Me:  Yeah, a book you're not in the mood for is hard to get into.  What do you like best and worst about book tubing? 

Keeley:  What I like best is probably meeting new people and getting new ideas for books. What I like the least is the amount of "drama" that happens because of misunderstandings or disagreeing with someone else's opinions. I typically stay out of it because book blogging is something I do for fun. I'm a graduate student and work in victim services so I'd like book tubing to stay a fun hobby rather than an added stressor. 

Me:  Yes, drama is definitely something to be avoided. ;-)   Is there anything else you'd like to talk about or say? 

Keeley:  You're awesome! This is super exciting and thank you so much!

Me:  Awww!! Thank you!! That's very sweet of you! :-)  You're pretty awesome yourself! :-) Are there any links you'd like to share with these fine folks?

Keeley:   Be sure to check out the Indie Book Club!!! We just started in January of 2015 and read Seed by DB Nielsen. 


Me:  Absolutely!! :-)  And thank you so much for joining us here today Keeley! :-) You can check out my review of DB Nielsen's Seed here:

Check out and subscribe to Keeley's YouTube channel here:

And watch and like her videos! :-)  Especially her kind words about Taken By The Huntsman! (Sorry, couldn't resist ;-) )

Thank you everyone for joining us today!! As always, please stay tuned for updates, interviews, and random musings! :-)


  1. Really interesting post! I know so little about book tubing! I'll definitely have a watch! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks EJ! Keeley's channel is definitely worth a look. :-)