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Mistral Dawn is a thirty-something gal who has lived on both coasts of the US but somehow never in the middle. She currently resides in the Southeast US with her kitty cats (please spay or neuter! :-)) where she works as a hospital drudge and attends graduate school. Taken By The Huntsman is her first effort at writing fiction and if it is well received she has ideas for several more novels and short-stories in this series. Please feel free to visit her on FaceBook or drop her a line at mistralkdawn@gmail.com

Friday, March 22, 2019

#Interview With John Searancke!

Hey Everyone!!

John Searancke is here with us, today. John, will you tell us about yourself and how many books you have written?

John: My name is John Searancke, and I am aged 75. I am married and I have written three books, all of which have been published by the same publishing house.

Me: Wow! Congratulations! :-) What's the name of your latest book and what inspired it?

John: My latest book, which has only just been published this month, is entitled The Reluctant Hotelkeeper. It is a prequel to my first book, and tells the story of my life as a hotelier from my early twenties onwards, turning an old ruin into a well thought of country house hotel.

Me: Sounds interesting. What are you working on now?

John: Having just finished that book, I am having a breather and fortunately Christmas came along just at the right time. Now that's done, I shall be concentrating on concluding my family tree, now over 300 entries and going back nearly 400 years. After that…

Me: Fun! What authors, or books, have influenced you?

John: I have always been an avid reader of books, so nobody especially has influenced me. My reading covers a very broad spectrum.

Me: That's a great way to learn to appreciate a variety of viewpoints. :-) What are you reading now?

John: I am currently enthralled by Manda Scott and her historical novel about Joan of Arc.

Me: Cool! For those who might consider reading your book, what would you tell them to expect?

John: That rather depends on which book you read! My personal favourite is Prunes for Breakfast, which tells the intimate story of my father during WW2, from his enlistment right through his time in Normandy and later incarceration in a German prisoner of war camp. Parts of it are a bit harrowing, and required significant research, including to the actual battlefields where my father fought. But judge it for yourself.

Me: Sounds like your father lived an eventful life! What is your favorite part of being an author?

John: I really enjoy the actual writing process and seeing a story develop into printed words as I create them. There is something very satisfying about that.

Me: Yes, the act of creating is definitely a rush. :-) Do you have a day job as well?

John: No, too old to employ, and probably too curmudgeonly (says my wife).

Me: Ha! What would you say are the hardest, and easiest, parts about being a writer?

John: Writing is not difficult. The difficult part is turning your writing into something worthwhile. For that you need the best editor that you can get. I was lucky to have the same editor for all three of my books.

Me: Oh, I agree, good editors are definitely worth their weight in gold! What genre do you place your book in?

John: All three books fall into the memoir category.

Me: Nice! Anything else you'd like to tell your readers?

John: Keep reading and keep reviewing! Authors such as myself need you.

Me: Amen! And so these fine folks can do just that, are there any links you'd like me to post?

John: Here they are:


Website: www.johnsearancke.com
John Searancke Pinterest profile page: https://www.pinterest.com/johnsearancke/author-john-searancke/
John Searancke Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/john.searancke.1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/johnsearancke

Me: Awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by, today, John. And thank you also to the rest of you who joined us. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the latest in Mistral Dawn's Musings! :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

#APC #Spotlight: The Journey Of The Marked (The Miyran Heir Book 1) By Rebecca McCray!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I've got Rebecca McCray in my APC spotlight, today! Rebecca is an active and supportive member of the  Authors-Professional Co-op Facebook group and her young adult, action/adventure, futuristic, alien world, sci-fi novel, The Journey of the Marked, looks great! Here's the description:
Marked at age 16.
Forced to leave home.
You become the hunted.
Could you survive?

The mark means honor. The mark invites death.
On a distant planet, Eros thrives in the Human settlement he calls home. Raised to follow his grandfather's noble footsteps, he studies the details of each species that co-exist here. But when the mark appears, he's called to fight, which changes his life forever.
Forced to abandon his home, the mark makes him the hunted. He's attacked the night he arrives in the city. A tough, street fighter named Kenrya saves his life. When they join others on the same journey, her cynical attitude drives a wedge between the group.
Given the perils facing them, can they put aside their differences and trust each other long enough to survive?
Discover this epic adventure where an individual's unique abilities can change the course of the future.
If you think this sounds like something you might enjoy, go ahead and grab your copy here:

Thank you all so much for stopping by! Happy reading! :-)

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

#Agent Thoth's #Personal Log: Day 929

Hey Everyone! :-)

Agent Thoth discusses more of the trials and tribulations associated with living with hominids. Incidentally, if you've missed Agent Thoth's earlier entries, you can find them here: Thoth's Journal

Department for the Preservation and Confirmation of Intelligent Life (DPCIL)
Agent Thoth's Personal Log

Day Nine-Hundred-Twenty-Nine:
When the bushy-tailed rodent made its appearance today, my hominid-servant happened to, coincidentally, be in the process of bringing inside some packages that had been left outside the door to my domicile. The juvenile felid, of course, took advantage of the open door and launched himself past my hominid-servant's attempt to grab him. His mad bid for freedom alarmed the subject of his interest, which promptly scurried up into the topmost branches of the nearest tree.

My young protégé, closely pursued by my apoplectic hominid-servant, chased the small creature and began climbing the tree in an effort to attain his dream of capturing the busy-tailed rodent. Though, what he would do with it if he did catch it is something I have no clear understanding of. But before he could climb higher than she could reach, my hominid-servant plucked him off the side of the tree and transported him back inside my domicile.

Naturally, my youthful companion was not at all pleased with this treatment, and he voiced his displeasure at the top of his lungs. My hominid-servant responded by giving him her hardest stare  ̶  something I have to admit is rather intimidating coming from such a large creature, even knowing she would never harm myself or any other occupant of my domicile  ̶  which inevitably resulted in his surrender, albeit a sulky one, and retreat to his lair beneath her sleeping platform.

Argh! Foiled again! ;-) You may have noticed that Agent Thoth has a new look. I hope you like his new picture as much as I do, but I'd love to hear your thoughts, either way. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. ;-) Happy reading, everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Something Worth Watching?

Hey Everyone!! :-)

I'm back today with another video I wanted to share. This one is about an issue that I don't think is getting nearly enough attention, certainly not from the mainstream media. But I think the video explains the problem well, so I'll let it speak for itself. Peace!

Monday, March 18, 2019

#March2018 #IndieBooksBeSeen #Indie #Author #Books #Monthly #BookReview!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

It's the 18th again, so time for my #IndieBooksBeSeen monthly indie author book review!! Enjoy! :-)

Birth of a Vixen by Colleen Tews:

Angela Vista is a young vampire who has spent most of her life being manipulated. When she's sent into danger and is rescued by the man who is supposed to be her enemy, she finds herself falling in love with someone with enough charisma to lead a revolution. But when she tries to help her new cause by working against her former family, things get...confusing. And it becomes a question not only of which side should she choose, but who, exactly, does she want to be?

I really enjoyed this book. It was an interesting blend of spy novel, romance, and vampire fiction. The genre-blending made it impossible to predict and the characters were interesting and fun to get to know. I definitely recommend this book, five stars!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Chickenless Broth #Recipe!

Hey Everyone!! :-)

This is an easy fake-out broth that I like to keep on hand for use in making soups or just to sip if I start to feel under the weather. Enjoy! :-)

12 cups water
8 onions
6 carrots scrubbed well or peeled
6 stalks celery washed
1 head kale or broccoli
4 bulbs garlic
1/4 cup ground turmeric
1/4 cup dried oregano
1/4 cup dried basil
1/8 cup dried rosemary
1/4 cup vegetarian Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 stick butter (optional)
3 inches ginger root (optional)
1/8 cup soy sauce (optional)
Salt and pepper to taste (be generous with both but especially the salt)

Put the olive oil and butter (optional) and the dried seasonings in a large stock pot and heat gently. Add the water and the rest of the ingredients. You don't need to worry about chopping or peeling any of the vegetables, just make sure they're clean and cut them in half. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer. Simmer the stock for 2-3 hours, stirring periodically. Taste occasionally and adjust the seasonings to suit your taste. Once the liquid has reduced and the vegetables are mush, remove the stock from the heat and cool. Pour the cooled broth through cheesecloth to remove all the solids and the liquid you have left is your chickenless broth. It can be used immediately, though it's best to let it sit overnight in the fridge, or frozen.

Bon appetit!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

#StPats Authors & Bloggers #Giveaway! $114 #Cash #Grand #Prize! #Free To #Enter!

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There's a new giveaway for Saint Patrick's Day!  Please take a moment to check out the St. Pat's Authors & Bloggers Giveaway!!  There are lots of awesome books and prizes!! :-)  It's free to enter, there are over 75 prizes, and the grand prize is $114 cash payable through PayPal!! :-)  Now isn't that worth taking a few minutes to check out? ;-)   Here are all the details:

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Thank you so much for stopping by today!  And don't forget to check back tomorrow for the next installment of Mistral Dawn's Musings! :-)